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  1. Videograms's rating of the film Actress

    I'm a type A...I tend to break things....

  2. Oluseyi's rating of the film Actress

  3. lepetitjermey's rating of the film Actress

  4. Diderot's rating of the film Actress

    It takes some guts to record the final sputtering breaths of your dreams, so kudos for that.

  5. OcioActivo's rating of the film Actress

    A solid documentary that I unfortunately found difficult to empathize with.

  6. T Mills's rating of the film Actress

    A surprisingly uncomfortable movie to watch because of Brandy's personality and actions. She's not overtly bothersome but it's the small things, the little choices she makes and the way she thinks that actually disturbed me. An interesting portrait of an actress and human being.

  7. Polyglot's rating of the film Actress

    Woman on the verge of a cinema verite transgression.

  8. mebbee's rating of the film Actress

    Accomplished. Tells a woman's story through and through. And, maybe this is a spoiler alert, but when she enters her ex-partner's apartment towards the end of the film it reminds me of when Sally Field's character visits Robin William's apartment in Mrs. Doubtfire. - I know I know that level of description. I should be a film critic. ;-)

  9. Kyle Knapp's rating of the film Actress

    I couldn't believe how much this captivated me: beautifully shot, fascinatingly inscrutable, set to an immaculately curated soundtrack, and pinned down by the engrossing titular pseudo-performance at its center. Certain stretches - the last few minutes in particular - achieve surprising levels of tension for the subject matter, using nothing but old fashioned good filmmaking. Impulsive and irreverent, but grounded.

  10. laurax's rating of the film Actress

    A mixed bag. I would probably give it 2 1/2 stars if Mubi had half stars. Some interesting scenes interspersed with some corny overdone scenes. Brandy was like the movie. She had some thought provoking things to say and then other rather ordinary musings. Sometimes I wanted to continue watching to see what happens, other times I wanted to cut it off.

  11. David R Williams's rating of the film Actress

    A compelling watch but I found it increasingly difficult and finally impossible to feel any sympathy for this woman. She gives up her role as actress for the role of mother and wife but self-destructs that. She yearns for one while being the other and regrets choices made for both. Her self-centered egotism grates quickly. She plays the role of despairing isolate well. It is perhaps the role she was born for.

  12. Andrè Montage's rating of the film Actress

    The editing has a poetry. A beautiful portrait.

  13. Joe Pryweller's rating of the film Actress

    Actress on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown. Greene doesn't just settle on showing another unhappy thespian who can't manage her work/life balance and is in an endless loop of attempting to find the next part. He instead dramatizes those inner gargoyles eating of her through sepia images, slo mo, grainy footage, and extreme closeups. A bit self-conscious and posed for me but it's also like watching a train wreck.

  14. Dan Roy's rating of the film Actress

    A former actress from The Wire decides to return to her career after leaving to raise a family in upstate New York. The problem is whether Brandy Burre is pursuing acting or stardom, and it looks a lot like like the latter. She comes off neurotic and unsympathetic, and the horror of what develops is compounded by the director's visual references to Douglas Sirk, matching Burre's narcissism with his own.

  15. Sarah's rating of the film Actress

    A lady with good bone structure, filmed in slow motion, gets a divorce, to the sounds of violins. It is winter. BORING!

  16.'s rating of the film Actress

    loved it. It is poetic, it leaves a lot of things unknown and unknowable, and it is light with people's decisions to fuck up their lives--that is, to actually live their lives fully.

  17. Bernardo Anderson's rating of the film Actress

    Although she is very full of herself, the issue I had was that the movie gave her everything she wanted. I was supremely bored by her daily "problems" and "difficulties."

  18. forksclovetofu's rating of the film Actress

    Weirdly overrated and nigh unwatchable.

  19. crystal meff's rating of the film Actress

  20. Timbo of Boston's rating of the film Actress

    Burre’s beautiful face, with its sharp angles and watchful eyes, register frustration, sadness, and love in equal measure - a compelling one-woman show. Greene complicates the documentary by incorporating slow motion, musical cues, staged compositions and close-up confessional moments. Is she is performing or confiding? Burre's skill as a performer animates the film.I have a review at ArtsFuse/Actress

  21. Ben Loory's rating of the film Actress

    okay, yes, wow, that's a million times better than that Katy with an I movie! almost didn't watch this after sitting through that, but yes, i see-- he's grown as a director! and managed to find some much more interesting subjects.

  22. Soulo_Guero's rating of the film Actress

    Even though this is a "documentary," I feel I am watching an actress acting the parts in between doing actual work as an actress. Surreal. I can certainly relate to not having much of a personality and working to "act" most/all of the time. In this microcosm, we get to witness her toe the line. It's hardship on an aesthetic level that her instincts try to manage.

  23. Matt Richards's rating of the film Actress

    Quite a candid look at life choices and the often narcissistic nature of the actor ego. The doco itself is well put together save for a bit of overly-repetitive emotional score triggering and there is a surprising amount of poetry in the slow motion sequences. 3 stars

  24. Elena Lazic's rating of the film Actress

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