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  1. Dziugas's rating of the film Ad Astra

    It's a good mash-up of "2001", "Gravity", Moon", etc. Was surprised by CGI work. Bravo! The more older and more tired Brad gets, the better movie is looking with him. Need to mention too the recording room scene, Donald Sutherland. There are a lot of good stuff in this film.

  2. Nicholas Gregory's rating of the film Ad Astra

    If Annihilation is dumb in an obvious CGI-heaviness over intellect and philosophical metaphor, 2001 bereft in humanness in a lack of drama and being less about character journeys and arcs, Ad Astra has all this, and is akin to the plotting and magnitude of Apocalypse Now... in space. A most spectacularly visual film, augmenting its empathetic poetry with dynamic action scenes. One of the best epic films its decade!

  3. vox_amp's rating of the film Ad Astra

  4. Eternality Tan's rating of the film Ad Astra

    An immensely well-crafted hero’s tale through space that explores existential ideas at a deliberate pace, but its final landing is not entirely convincing.

  5. lorenzoviolone's rating of the film Ad Astra

    Very confusing movie, missing all the laws of physics. More focused on the drama rather than a plausible scenario. Thus good acting, but way too slow paced.

  6. Enkhzul's rating of the film Ad Astra

    Absolute favourite space/drama film. Resonated so much! Visuals, music and Pitt's acting were all top-notch.

  7. Olga de Almeida's rating of the film Ad Astra

    While I appreciated the exploration of the thoughts a man who's always lived in the shadow of an absent father, the dialogue was quite good and intimate, almost like a therapy session, I feel like it was quite a dull affair. It was way too long. Good sound effects and action sequences.

  8. Elena's rating of the film Ad Astra

    3.5 // What made a difference compared to the countless space travel movies was the subjective and intimate storytelling; understanding how he perceived what as happening around him and his personal failures made this movie enjoyable.

  9. Thomas's rating of the film Ad Astra

    Beautifully shot and with an impressively effective but undistracting soundtrack. Tackles some philosophical concepts without venturing too far into lofty pretension. Brad Pitt is well cast and his performance really carries the movie.

  10. Levi Miah's rating of the film Ad Astra

    Sometimes you feel like a film is written exactly about you and this was it. Quintessential cinema - the moon set piece and the apes, absolute magic. The emotional power of Roy's arc - and Brad's acting - and the dedication to each character every actor had. The technical skill - the sound, the tone, THE CINEMATOGRAPHY - timeless, flawless CGI & visuals. Marvellous, awe-inducing - a near perfect masterpiece.

  11. Emiliauskas's rating of the film Ad Astra

    a bad space odyssey: 2001 parody

  12. Nina's rating of the film Ad Astra

    I really can't perceive completely why this movie is disliked so much by so many people. It, on the other hand, left a deep impression on me, when I watched it last year. Maybe it's me and my rare personality type and neurodiverse nature that impacts so little of the population (this is half-joke), but I loved how it made me think deeply as I watched it and how even though I'm female and not a mother, I still managed

  13. Marco B.'s rating of the film Ad Astra

  14. Fabio Osvaldo Carta's rating of the film Ad Astra

    6/10 più che altro per le intenzioni

  15. mpho3's rating of the film Ad Astra

    Compelling at first, AA is beautifully filmed, superbly edited, and quietly told. The few bits of action are matter of fact rather than bombastic. Pitt and Jones work together is lovely, but their meeting is gratuitous and anti-climactic. Bogged down by the monotony of voiceovers, we're left with one man's journey to save the world by confronting his daddy issues and the anachronism of getting the girl. 3.5 stars

  16. Chihao Tsang's rating of the film Ad Astra

    Bad sci fi that just doesn't blend well.

  17. banu doygun's rating of the film Ad Astra

    Another movie that I don't understand why people not liking it. This is not a sci-fi movie, this is a drama about life and figuring out what you want from life. I think many people missed the main point. What I can say is that this is a beautiful story of a person looking for life in all the places and not seeing the life right in front of him. And how this affects his family mostly his son.

  18. Amandio Filipe Moura's rating of the film Ad Astra

  19. erikdylansr's rating of the film Ad Astra

    I enjoy cerebral sci-fi so it comes with no surprise that I loved 'Ad Astra.'

  20. Effendi Ben Smith-Malick's rating of the film Ad Astra

  21. itwstlnd's rating of the film Ad Astra

    the first hour is enjoyable, the second is dragged. Daddy issues are boring and not very entertaining

  22. malachiesipucheala94's rating of the film Ad Astra

  23. jaelaah's rating of the film Ad Astra

    The sound in this rivals the accomplishments of Arrival a few years back.

  24. Lennert's rating of the film Ad Astra

    May I save you two hours of your life? Don't watch it.

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