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  1. Photo of Alessandro Benvenuti

    Alessandro Benvenuti Director, Cast, Screenplay Music

  2. Photo of Francesco Nuti

    Francesco Nuti Cast

  3. Photo of Athina Cenci

    Athina Cenci Cast

  4. Photo of Lucilla Baroni

    Lucilla Baroni Cast

  5. Photo of Antonio Betti

    Antonio Betti Cast

  6. Photo of Ricardo Cioni

    Ricardo Cioni Cast

  7. Photo of Marcella Ermini

    Marcella Ermini Cast

  8. Photo of Donata Genazzani

    Donata Genazzani Cast

  9. Photo of Paolo Hendel

    Paolo Hendel Cast

  10. Photo of Giovanni Nannini

    Giovanni Nannini Cast

  11. Photo of Novello Novelli

    Novello Novelli Cast

  12. Photo of Silvano Panichi

    Silvano Panichi Cast

  13. Photo of Angelo Pellegrino

    Angelo Pellegrino Cast

  14. Photo of Franco Piacentini

    Franco Piacentini Cast

  15. Photo of Romano Albani

    Romano Albani Cinematography

  16. Photo of Stephen Head

    Stephen Head Music

  17. Photo of Dado Parisini

    Dado Parisini Music

  18. Photo of Nicola Carraro

    Nicola Carraro Producer

  19. Photo of Franco Cristaldi

    Franco Cristaldi Producer

  20. Photo of Gianfranco Piccioli

    Gianfranco Piccioli Producer

  21. Photo of Sergio Montanari

    Sergio Montanari Editing