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  1. Photo of Paul Ciappessoni

    Paul Ciappessoni Director

  2. Photo of David Sullivan Proudfoot

    David Sullivan Proudfoot Director

  3. Photo of Moira Armstrong

    Moira Armstrong Director

  4. Photo of Leonard Lewis

    Leonard Lewis Director

  5. Photo of Philip Dudley

    Philip Dudley Director

  6. Photo of Ridley Scott

    Ridley Scott Director

  7. Photo of Anthea Browne-Wilkinson

    Anthea Browne-Wilkinson Director

  8. Photo of Tina Wakerell

    Tina Wakerell Director

  9. Photo of Laurence Bourne

    Laurence Bourne Director

  10. Photo of Henri Safran

    Henri Safran Director

  11. Photo of Roger Jenkins

    Roger Jenkins Director

  12. Photo of Donald Cotton

    Donald Cotton Screenplay

  13. Photo of Richard Harris

    Richard Harris Screenplay

  14. Photo of Tony Williamson

    Tony Williamson Screenplay

  15. Photo of Robert Banks Stewart

    Robert Banks Stewart Screenplay

  16. Photo of Brian Clemens

    Brian Clemens Screenplay

  17. Photo of John Pennington

    John Pennington Screenplay

  18. Photo of Terence Frisby

    Terence Frisby Screenplay

  19. Photo of Dick Sharples

    Dick Sharples Screenplay

  20. Photo of Vince Powell

    Vince Powell Screenplay

  21. Photo of Harry Driver

    Harry Driver Screenplay

  22. Photo of Ian Stuart Black

    Ian Stuart Black Screenplay

  23. Photo of Richard Waring

    Richard Waring Screenplay

  24. Photo of James MacTaggart

    James MacTaggart Screenplay

  25. Photo of Donald Ford

    Donald Ford Screenplay

  26. Photo of Derek Ford

    Derek Ford Screenplay

  27. Photo of Gerald Harper

    Gerald Harper Cast

  28. Photo of Juliet Harmer

    Juliet Harmer Cast

  29. Photo of Jack May

    Jack May Cast

  30. Photo of Peter Ducrow

    Peter Ducrow Cast

  31. Photo of Hal Shaper

    Hal Shaper Music

  32. Photo of David Lee

    David Lee Music

  33. Photo of Kathy Kirby

    Kathy Kirby Music

  34. Photo of Evan Hercules

    Evan Hercules Production Design

  35. Photo of Darrol Blake

    Darrol Blake Production Design

  36. Photo of Austin Ruddy

    Austin Ruddy Production Design

  37. Photo of Ray London

    Ray London Production Design

  38. Photo of Mary Rea

    Mary Rea Production Design

  39. Photo of Ken Jones

    Ken Jones Production Design

  40. Photo of Sally Hulke

    Sally Hulke Production Design

  41. Photo of Gwen Evans

    Gwen Evans Production Design

  42. Photo of Michael Young

    Michael Young Production Design

  43. Photo of Peter Kindred

    Peter Kindred Production Design

  44. Photo of Malcolm Middleton

    Malcolm Middleton Production Design

  45. Photo of Verity Lambert

    Verity Lambert Producer