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  1. Photo of Barış Pirhasan

    Barış Pirhasan Director

  2. Photo of İsmail Doruk

    İsmail Doruk Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ulaş Çobancı

    Ulaş Çobancı Screenplay

  4. Photo of Nurgül Yeşilçay

    Nurgül Yeşilçay Cast

  5. Photo of Cem Özer

    Cem Özer Cast

  6. Photo of Ümit Çırak

    Ümit Çırak Cast

  7. Photo of Derya Alabora

    Derya Alabora Cast

  8. Photo of Asuman Dabak

    Asuman Dabak Cast

  9. Photo of Hakan Bilgin

    Hakan Bilgin Cast

  10. Photo of Zeynep Özbay

    Zeynep Özbay Cast

  11. Photo of Fırat Can Aydın

    Fırat Can Aydın Cast

  12. Photo of Erkan Taşdöğen

    Erkan Taşdöğen Cast

  13. Photo of Atıf Emir Benderlioğlu

    Atıf Emir Benderlioğlu Cast

  14. Photo of Münire Apaydın

    Münire Apaydın Cast

  15. Photo of Turan Özdemir

    Turan Özdemir Cast

  16. Photo of Ezel Akay

    Ezel Akay Cast

  17. Photo of Yıldız Kültür

    Yıldız Kültür Cast

  18. Photo of Veysel Diker

    Veysel Diker Cast

  19. Photo of Hasan Erol

    Hasan Erol Cast

  20. Photo of Güner Özkul

    Güner Özkul Cast

  21. Photo of Ahmet Nuri Aydın

    Ahmet Nuri Aydın Cast

  22. Photo of Peter Steuger

    Peter Steuger Cinematography

  23. Photo of Ender Akay

    Ender Akay Music

  24. Photo of Serkan Cakarer

    Serkan Cakarer Producer

  25. Photo of Ozan Ergun

    Ozan Ergun Producer

  26. Photo of Metin Soltay

    Metin Soltay Producer

  27. Photo of Cengiz Ergun

    Cengiz Ergun Producer

  28. Photo of Aylin Zoi Tinel

    Aylin Zoi Tinel Editing