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  1. Blue Roses's rating of the film Adam & Paul

  2. Jeremy Ashlyn's rating of the film Adam & Paul

  3. SafeStanding's rating of the film Adam & Paul

    The reality of drug addiction, presented by Abrahamson in a 'tragicomedy' perspective. Like Laurel & Hardy of Dublin but for the saddest of reasons.

  4. El Biffo's rating of the film Adam & Paul

    Charming and picturesque film about 2 pathetic ripoff junkies down on their luck in the streets of Dublin. Nothing seems to go right for them. Really this is a very sweet buddy film, even though it's about a couple of disgusting junkies. Very helpful for me that this Irish film had English subs, although strangely, the Irish brogue was transliterated rather than translated.

  5. Magic Lantern Alison's rating of the film Adam & Paul

    Somtimes funny. Sometimes touching. But always total abject degradation. You wouldn't want to be either of these two poor fuckers.

  6. Matthew Martens's rating of the film Adam & Paul

    A beautiful, but not too beautiful, film about a pair of unbeautiful losers, Adam & Paul is a shaggy dog, junkie-Beckett buddy-movie, a day in the life that begins and ends on the outskirts of nowhere, shuffling and scraping through Dublin -- and the remnants of a pre-fallen life -- in the meantime. Almost too sweetly low-down at times -- due mostly to its jauntily lilting soundtrack -- but brilliantly funny and sad.

  7. robin's rating of the film Adam & Paul

    It's a shame the authors feared the audience won't understand some of the ideas laid out in the film, so we got a couple of scenes that are out of place, feeling too explanatory and unnecessary. Those are the only weak moments in otherwise realistic, often funny and interesting portrait of Dublin youth living on a margin of existence. Great choice of locations.

  8. S's rating of the film Adam & Paul

    Very dark and sad subject matter, but told with humour. Some hilarious scenes lighten the mood but it is ultimately a really sad story. Good watch.

  9. LaHaine's rating of the film Adam & Paul

    Very funny, Very disturbing and very sad but a great film thats far better then the follow up Garage which gets far more praise. The two leads are awesome and Dublin has never looked as dream like. In the Top 3 best Irish films of all time