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  1. Valentin°'s rating of the film Adam

  2. aikeart's rating of the film Adam

    ¿El asperger... o una sociedad que olvidó para qué queríamos crecer?

  3. alchimia's rating of the film Adam

    sweetest movie I've ever seen.

  4. Calu.'s rating of the film Adam

    The actor who plays Adam's role was great! I really like him. At the end the story was kinda realistic. Nice.

  5. Gabriella F's rating of the film Adam

    I don't know why Hugh Dancy is always picked to play somenone with asperger's but he always does the job really well. Lovely movie, a good study on how relationships are hard and in need of communication.

  6. chuiperdue's rating of the film Adam

    holds a special place in my heart ♡

  7. Indira Diandra's rating of the film Adam

  8. Cansu's rating of the film Adam

    Aslında üç ama işte Dancy'nin varlığı yetiyor... :)

  9. Susana Bessa's rating of the film Adam

    Cute, naive, sensitive and poignant romantic comedy. And it is as small and dazzling as you're thinking it might be.

  10. spiderliliez's rating of the film Adam

    Charming and at times painful to watch in a good way. It's one of those films where you're unable to get yourself emotionally involved. Hugh Dancy was amazing as Adam. Watching a character suffering from Aspergers, and putting him in believable situations, exploring his human behavior, his interactions. This is definitely one of my favorites.

  11. fiksinoir's rating of the film Adam

    Nggak tahu kalau Aspergeris (apa ini kata yang tepat buat menyebut pengidap asperger) bisa jadi sekeren ini. Apa Albert Einstein sekeren ini? Atau barangkali Albert Camus. Eh, Exupery? Nggak, nggak ini pasti cuma gara-gara Mas Dancy. Coba kalau itu Mas Brando, apa masih keren? Eh, mungkin Dodit yang followernya berapaan K itu? ... apaan ini? Nggak, nggak ini cuma kerjaannya penulisnya....

  12. bartkl's rating of the film Adam

    It's okay pastime, but sadly overly enumerative when it comes to demonstrating the life of an Asperger. The enacted symptoms are typical and prevalent, but feel copy/pasted, as if all of them absolutely must be shown. Make all of them very severe and Adam becomes a living schoolbook definition. The attempt to pay attention to autism is appreciated, but it's too linear and overdone.

  13. Lorena Brandão's rating of the film Adam

  14. Marco's rating of the film Adam

  15. MovieMaker Magazine's rating of the film Adam

    For director Max Mayer, sharing this film with the audience became a nerve-wracking experience. He writes about his Sundance premiere at

  16. Meg's rating of the film Adam

    This film made me cry like i haven't done in a long time. In my opinion, Adam's medical condition only underlines his condition as a highly intelligent individual - this film shows his loneliness and inability to communicate with others the things that were meaninful for him. The fact that he ends up alone is both realistic and heartbreaking for someone who relates to his situation. Hugh Dancy's acting is great.

  17. eveningflares's rating of the film Adam

    They didn't really belong there, but there they were.

  18. Mauby Del Toro's rating of the film Adam

    wish there were more love stories involving ppl with "disorders" or should i say "conditions" ... very moving at times

  19. jenifferp's rating of the film Adam

  20. Nutter Jr's rating of the film Adam

    A beautiful film about love that leaves you all warmed up inside. Dancy is brilliant in portraying a guy suffering from Asperger's syndrome falling for the girl next door (played by Byrne who is a wonderful co-lead) who learns to love the man despite his idiosyncrasies.

  21. Maja_wu's rating of the film Adam

    free intepretation of the Little Prince !

  22. Андрей's rating of the film Adam

    Really cute. Hoped it would have ended in some other way, but I gues this was more realistic than the classic happy together.

  23. eteeter123's rating of the film Adam

    Quirky and cute. You can't help but love Adam.

  24. Teresa Silva's rating of the film Adam

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