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  1. Photo of Andres Veiel

    Andres Veiel Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Klaus Volkenborn

    Klaus Volkenborn Producer

  3. Photo of Jan Tilman Schade

    Jan Tilman Schade Music

  4. Photo of Hans Rombach

    Hans Rombach Cinematography

  5. Photo of Lutz Reitemeier

    Lutz Reitemeier Cinematography

  6. Photo of Jörg Jeshel

    Jörg Jeshel Cinematography

  7. Photo of Rainer Hoffmann

    Rainer Hoffmann Cinematography

  8. Photo of Johann Feindt

    Johann Feindt Cinematography

  9. Photo of Claus Deubel

    Claus Deubel Cinematography

  10. Photo of Pierre Bouchez

    Pierre Bouchez Cinematography

  11. Photo of Inge Schneider

    Inge Schneider Editing

  12. Photo of Matthias Lempert

    Matthias Lempert Sound

  13. Photo of Karina Plachetka

    Karina Plachetka Cast

  14. Photo of Constanze Becker

    Constanze Becker Cast

  15. Photo of Prodromos Antoniadis

    Prodromos Antoniadis Cast

  16. Photo of Stephanie Stremler

    Stephanie Stremler Cast

  17. Photo of Angelika Waller

    Angelika Waller Cast

  18. Photo of Ulrich Engelmann

    Ulrich Engelmann Cast

  19. Photo of Piet Drescher

    Piet Drescher Cast

  20. Photo of Michael Keller

    Michael Keller Cast