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  1. Alberto Redighieri's rating of the film Adela

    Sorry, but if I would know Adela profundly probably I'd rate it much more. I'm sure she is very kind and respected in Philippines.

  2. oooooo's rating of the film Adela

  3. msmichel's rating of the film Adela

    Depressing but worthwhile picture examining dignity in the face of poverty and age. Anita Linda gives a terrific performance as the title character who we join on the day of her 80th birthday. A once beautiful radio performer reduced to living on the outskirts of the bernardo dump, a figurehead for the various people struggling to make it day to day who gave up all for her family who have seemed to forget her.

  4. Nadin's rating of the film Adela

    A remarkable depiction of loneliness of elderly people. It's all around us, but we don't (want to?) see it. This film doesn't specially highlight the issue. Instead, it merges it with every day going-ons of everyone around Adela, going-ons she isn't part of. It feels as if she can merely watch life passing by. Its sheer simplicity makes the film all the more powerful.