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  1. Photo of André Beucler

    André Beucler Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Johannes Meyer

    Johannes Meyer Director

  3. Photo of Peter Francke

    Peter Francke Screenplay

  4. Photo of Robert A. Stemmle

    Robert A. Stemmle Screenplay

  5. Photo of Hans Székely

    Hans Székely Screenplay

  6. Photo of Walter Wassermann

    Walter Wassermann Screenplay

  7. Photo of Brigitte Helm

    Brigitte Helm Cast

  8. Photo of Jean Gabin

    Jean Gabin Cast

  9. Photo of Henri Bosc

    Henri Bosc Cast

  10. Photo of Julien Carette

    Julien Carette Cast

  11. Photo of Lucien Dayle

    Lucien Dayle Cast

  12. Photo of André Nicolle

    André Nicolle Cast

  13. Photo of Mireille Balin

    Mireille Balin Cast

  14. Photo of Bill Bocket

    Bill Bocket Cast

  15. Photo of Thomy Bourdelle

    Thomy Bourdelle Cast

  16. Photo of Paul Fromet

    Paul Fromet Cast

  17. Photo of Ginette Leclerc

    Ginette Leclerc Cast

  18. Photo of Maurice Rémy

    Maurice Rémy Cast

  19. Photo of Henri Vilbert

    Henri Vilbert Cast

  20. Photo of Friedl Behn-Grund

    Friedl Behn-Grund Cinematography

  21. Photo of Hans-Otto Borgmann

    Hans-Otto Borgmann Music

  22. Photo of Ernst Erich Buder

    Ernst Erich Buder Music

  23. Photo of Erich Kettelhut

    Erich Kettelhut Production Design

  24. Photo of Max Mellin

    Max Mellin Production Design