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Ratings & Reviews

  1. msmichel's rating of the film Aditi Singh

    A correspondence between two lovers, who work in the same office and must appear to be chaste to friends and family, is read aloud by both parties in what could have been an arresting short. Instead its padded out to 45 minutes and becomes quite the endurance test. Good use of Bach however.

  2. Hélène Joly's rating of the film Aditi Singh

    Le cadrage, le rythme, le montage, le jeu et l'espace de mise en scène de ses deux voix torturées d'amour sont magnifiques...

  3. nat's rating of the film Aditi Singh

    The last line in the synopsis is tanslated wrong. It should read "I know what he wants from me". Seems more lecherous than the romantic version "who would make me happy and that I know very well the views he has about me"

  4. Luis Parra Diaz's rating of the film Aditi Singh

    agradezco la posibilidad de ver arte de otras latitudes...conocer su lenguaje, y algo de sus costumbres..en algun momento de la pelicula me pareció ir mas alla de la misma relación y apuntar a una comprensión del amor, a partir del sufrimiento y la deja indiferente...

  5. Miguel Angel Líbero's rating of the film Aditi Singh

    Beautiful love story, other culture, same affliction...Universal affliction!!!!