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  1. Photo of Vsevolod Pudovkin

    Vsevolod Pudovkin Director and Cast

  2. Photo of Igor Lukovsky

    Igor Lukovsky Screenplay

  3. Photo of Aleksei Dikij

    Aleksei Dikij Cast

  4. Photo of Evgeniy Samoylov

    Evgeniy Samoylov Cast

  5. Photo of Vladimir Vladislavskiy

    Vladimir Vladislavskiy Cast

  6. Photo of Nikolai Chaplygin

    Nikolai Chaplygin Cast

  7. Photo of Vasili Kovrigin

    Vasili Kovrigin Cast and Costume Design

  8. Photo of Pyotr Sobolevsky

    Pyotr Sobolevsky Cast

  9. Photo of Leonid Knyazev

    Leonid Knyazev Cast

  10. Photo of Aleksandr Khokhlov

    Aleksandr Khokhlov Cast

  11. Photo of Ruben Simonov

    Ruben Simonov Cast

  12. Photo of Pavel Gaideburov

    Pavel Gaideburov Cast

  13. Photo of Boris Olenin

    Boris Olenin Cast

  14. Photo of Nikolai Brilling

    Nikolai Brilling Cast

  15. Photo of Anatoli Golovnya

    Anatoli Golovnya Cinematography

  16. Photo of Tamara Lobova

    Tamara Lobova Cinematography

  17. Photo of Nikolai Kryukov

    Nikolai Kryukov Music

  18. Photo of Arnold Vaisfeld

    Arnold Vaisfeld Production Design

  19. Photo of Vladimir Yegorov

    Vladimir Yegorov Production Design

  20. Photo of Mikhail Yuferov

    Mikhail Yuferov Production Design