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  1. Photo of Christian-Jaque

    Christian-Jaque Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Charles Spaak

    Charles Spaak Screenplay

  3. Photo of Jacques Companeez

    Jacques Companeez Screenplay

  4. Photo of Michel Audiard

    Michel Audiard Screenplay

  5. Photo of Daniel Gélin

    Daniel Gélin Cast

  6. Photo of Antonella Lualdi

    Antonella Lualdi Cast

  7. Photo of Danielle Darrieux

    Danielle Darrieux Cast

  8. Photo of Martine Carol

    Martine Carol Cast

  9. Photo of Edwige Feuillère

    Edwige Feuillère Cast

  10. Photo of Renée Faure

    Renée Faure Cast

  11. Photo of Georges Chamarat

    Georges Chamarat Cast

  12. Photo of Daniel Lecourtois

    Daniel Lecourtois Cast

  13. Photo of Marilyn Buferd

    Marilyn Buferd Cast

  14. Photo of Jean-Marc Tennberg

    Jean-Marc Tennberg Cast

  15. Photo of France Roche

    France Roche Cast

  16. Photo of Giovanna Galletti

    Giovanna Galletti Cast

  17. Photo of Georges Tourreil

    Georges Tourreil Cast

  18. Photo of Raphaël Patorni

    Raphaël Patorni Cast

  19. Photo of Robert Rollis

    Robert Rollis Cast

  20. Photo of Marie Glory

    Marie Glory Cast

  21. Photo of Louis Seigner

    Louis Seigner Cast

  22. Photo of Claude Dauphin

    Claude Dauphin Cast

  23. Photo of Christian Matras

    Christian Matras Cinematography

  24. Photo of Georges van Parys

    Georges van Parys Music

  25. Photo of Robert Gys

    Robert Gys Production Design

  26. Photo of Lucien Masson

    Lucien Masson Producer

  27. Photo of Jacques Roitfeld

    Jacques Roitfeld Producer

  28. Photo of Jacques Desagneaux

    Jacques Desagneaux Editing