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  1. Photo of Alfred Weidenmann

    Alfred Weidenmann Director

  2. Photo of Guy Bolton

    Guy Bolton Screenplay

  3. Photo of Pascal Jardin

    Pascal Jardin Screenplay

  4. Photo of Eberhard Keindorff

    Eberhard Keindorff Screenplay

  5. Photo of W. Somerset Maugham

    W. Somerset Maugham Screenplay

  6. Photo of Marc-Gilbert Sauvajon

    Marc-Gilbert Sauvajon Screenplay

  7. Photo of Johanna Sibelius

    Johanna Sibelius Screenplay

  8. Photo of Werner Krien

    Werner Krien Cinematography

  9. Photo of Lilli Palmer

    Lilli Palmer Cast

  10. Photo of Charles Boyer

    Charles Boyer Cast

  11. Photo of Jean Sorel

    Jean Sorel Cast

  12. Photo of Jeanne Valérie

    Jeanne Valérie Cast

  13. Photo of Ljuba Welitsch

    Ljuba Welitsch Cast

  14. Photo of Charles Régnier

    Charles Régnier Cast

  15. Photo of Tilly Lauenstein

    Tilly Lauenstein Cast

  16. Photo of Renate Jelinek

    Renate Jelinek Editing

  17. Photo of Leo Metzenbauer

    Leo Metzenbauer Production Design

  18. Photo of Rolf A. Wilhelm

    Rolf A. Wilhelm Music

  19. Photo of Kurt Schwarz

    Kurt Schwarz Sound

  20. Photo of Pierre Balmain

    Pierre Balmain Costume Design

  21. Photo of Thomas Fritsch

    Thomas Fritsch Cast

  22. Photo of Herbert Fux

    Herbert Fux Cast

  23. Photo of Fritz Weiss

    Fritz Weiss Cast

  24. Photo of Peter Schmidberger

    Peter Schmidberger Cast

  25. Photo of Friedrich Neubauer

    Friedrich Neubauer Cast

  26. Photo of Gustaf Elger

    Gustaf Elger Cast