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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Adoration

    **1/2. Not indispensable but a must for Egoyan fans because most of the themes handled will be treated in the director's following movies.

  2. Henrique Amud's rating of the film Adoration

    Too theatrical and manipulative, but still interesting enough. I liked very much the directing and the whole ambience of the film, but the script was kinda bogus and a helluva missed oportunity.

  3. Elif's rating of the film Adoration

    Interesting idea, very agitated product. Made me feel like being hammered over the head for... I don't know what.

  4. Tigrão's rating of the film Adoration

    A bit tough to watch, but there are some really interesting themes in it.

  5. Kespo's rating of the film Adoration

    I have a theory that Atom Egoyan has never interacted with another human being in his life. How else do you explain how characters in his movies think, feel and act like no other human being ever possibly would. No movie is bigger proof of that than Adoration.

  6. mpho3's rating of the film Adoration

    I know the synopsis came from IMDb, but honestly it's not only incoherent, it's full of spoilers. Glad I watched the movie before reading it!

  7. Weekend's rating of the film Adoration

    I was actually put off cinema for a while after watching this. It may be one of the worst things I had paid for.

  8. -VAHID-'s rating of the film Adoration

    weakest movie of Egoyan i've ever watched

  9. Christopher R. Smith's rating of the film Adoration

    Atom Egoyan's multi-layered drama ventures into some fascinating territory, though it doesn't always succeed in coalescing its elements into a fully coherent story. The non-linear plot construction is intriguing, but it does suffer from a few credibility-stretching plot twists too many. Very flawed, but interesting and original enough to make it worth watching.