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  1. Photo of Emil E. Reinert

    Emil E. Reinert Director

  2. Photo of Ernst Müller

    Ernst Müller Producer

  3. Photo of Michael Kehlmann

    Michael Kehlmann Screenplay and Cast

  4. Photo of Alexander Lernet-Holenia

    Alexander Lernet-Holenia Screenplay

  5. Photo of Franz Tassié

    Franz Tassié Screenplay

  6. Photo of Helmut Ashley

    Helmut Ashley Cinematography

  7. Photo of Gustav Fröhlich

    Gustav Fröhlich Cast

  8. Photo of Cornell Borchers

    Cornell Borchers Cast

  9. Photo of Adrienne Gessner

    Adrienne Gessner Cast

  10. Photo of Rosa Albach-Retty

    Rosa Albach-Retty Cast

  11. Photo of Ulrich Bettac

    Ulrich Bettac Cast

  12. Photo of Franz Böheim

    Franz Böheim Cast

  13. Photo of Heinz Conrads

    Heinz Conrads Cast

  14. Photo of Fritz Eckhardt

    Fritz Eckhardt Cast

  15. Photo of Hermann Erhardt

    Hermann Erhardt Cast

  16. Photo of Karl Farkas

    Karl Farkas Cast

  17. Photo of Maria Gerngroß

    Maria Gerngroß Cast

  18. Photo of Pepi Glöckner-Kramer

    Pepi Glöckner-Kramer Cast

  19. Photo of Wolfgang Glück

    Wolfgang Glück Cast

  20. Photo of Hugo Gottschlich

    Hugo Gottschlich Cast

  21. Photo of Hans Hagen

    Hans Hagen Cast

  22. Photo of Manfred Inger

    Manfred Inger Cast

  23. Photo of Helmut Janatsch

    Helmut Janatsch Cast

  24. Photo of Alexander Kerst

    Alexander Kerst Cast

  25. Photo of Inge Konradi

    Inge Konradi Cast

  26. Photo of Fritz Krenn

    Fritz Krenn Cast

  27. Photo of Francis Lederer

    Francis Lederer Cast

  28. Photo of Franz Marischka

    Franz Marischka Cast

  29. Photo of Trude Marlen

    Trude Marlen Cast

  30. Photo of Dorothea Neff

    Dorothea Neff Cast

  31. Photo of Gerda Neubauer

    Gerda Neubauer Cast

  32. Photo of Louis Ousted

    Louis Ousted Cast

  33. Photo of Paul Pranger

    Paul Pranger Cast

  34. Photo of Karl Schwetter

    Karl Schwetter Cast

  35. Photo of Reinhold Siegert

    Reinhold Siegert Cast

  36. Photo of Alfred Solm

    Alfred Solm Cast

  37. Photo of Egon von Jordan

    Egon von Jordan Cast

  38. Photo of Milan von Kamare

    Milan von Kamare Cast

  39. Photo of Ernst Waldbrunn

    Ernst Waldbrunn Cast

  40. Photo of Guido Wieland

    Guido Wieland Cast

  41. Photo of Gisela Wilke

    Gisela Wilke Cast

  42. Photo of Henny Brünsch

    Henny Brünsch Editing

  43. Photo of Fritz Jüptner-Jonstorff

    Fritz Jüptner-Jonstorff Production Design

  44. Photo of Fritz Moegle

    Fritz Moegle Production Design

  45. Photo of Richard Hageman

    Richard Hageman Music

  46. Photo of Otto Untersalmberger

    Otto Untersalmberger Sound

  47. Photo of Leo Bei

    Leo Bei Costume Design

  48. Photo of Nadja Tiller

    Nadja Tiller Costume Design