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  1. FISCHER's rating of the film Affliction

    Discrètement, Paul Schrader parvient à capter l'univers de Russell Banks et à construire le portrait émouvant d'un personnage finement interprété par Nick Nolte...

  2. Balthaz21's rating of the film Affliction

  3. Øyvind Rype's rating of the film Affliction

    Spoiler. Initially I expected the "weary detective"" trope, slowly solving the murder, and I did anxiously wait for that part of the story to evolve. It doesn't. The movie almost plays a prank on the audience believing the case's gonna be solved - a wink and a nod to the clichés of the crime genre. Instead we're treated with a claustrophobic portrait of small town where there's no escaping.

  4. Loz Loory's rating of the film Affliction

    As the Patriarchy Crumbles... Loved the daughter. She speaks her mind, and doesn't wear princess clothes. Excellent performances from Nick Nolte and Sissy Spacek. Not such a great story in the end, as I never sympathized with Nolte's character enough that his downfall felt terrible. He was yet another lumbering giant, wildly grasping for a way to survive the pain of life. I prefer Schrader's "Blue Collar."

  5. David R Williams's rating of the film Affliction

    Strong performances all around with a special nod to James Coburn unfortunately hampered by a mostly paint by numbers story further hampered by a voice over that tries to be film noir but fails miserably. For all that glad I finally got around to watching this but came away feeling a bit disappointed.

  6. Brian's rating of the film Affliction

    Affliction, is a interesting film that really makes viewers think. Nick Nolte is a class A actor that plays the role of a washed-up cop, has a hard time working on his case due to his troubled past. James Coburn is another fantastic actor, plays the father who is rather abusive to his son Nolte's character. The film follows this trouble past cop who detaches himself from the people around him. it's well developed.

  7. Bernie's rating of the film Affliction

    Affliction is a realistic look into the events that lead a small-town police officer down a path of madness. Due to its realistic nature, this film moves at a relatively slow pace with not much happening plot wise and only being minorly saved by top tier acting of its main stars. Nick Nolte, Sissy Spacek and James Coburn all give excellent performances making you feel the love, fear and pain felt by the characters.

  8. Greg's rating of the film Affliction

    A dramatic tale of how the past can cause unimaginable pain to some one. The title is accurate for the film the pain our character feels continues to hunt him and leads to horrible and unspeakable deeds. This truly ring out to those who have grown up in abusive households, or know someone that has experienced this level of pain.

  9. norman51227's rating of the film Affliction

    I would personally place this movie in the dark genre. The movie had many plots that intertwine together. Each character in the movie really has their own personality that you can relate to or at least understand their current emotions. During half the film you can foresee what's going to happen next.

  10. Savygator's rating of the film Affliction

    This film shows the affects of abuse & alcoholism throughout by playing tricks with your mind.At times the movie took a slow pace,with a rushed ending.The film takes a deep impact to the main character's plot with the misery of his childhood.I believe this film was good,but I didn't like every third word a swear word.Felt like the film used too much dialogue on swearing by expressing the anger built up in a person.

  11. Sakinah's rating of the film Affliction

    Though a little drawn out in the beginning, Affliction was a well thought out film. The point of views especially brought together the whole film. From the main character POV & his brother's narration, both sides of the story is given. You see the mental deterioration of a man, seemingly stemming from childhood abuse & trauma from his father&other current family issues occurring. The "whipped dog" finally bites back.

  12. Blakevon's rating of the film Affliction

    Daddy's Boy would have been an apt name for this Paul Schrader film. Affliction follows a man who grew up under the thumb of an alcoholic father. At the start of the film our main character, Wade, is a mild mannered small town cop, but as our story progresses we watch our main character slowly spiral into madness, and eventually his own demise. This film takes a deep look at the impact alcoholism has on families.

  13. Isaac Lefebvre's rating of the film Affliction

    Affliction is a film that follows the corrupted life of a man named Wade Whitehouse. Ever since he was a child his life was in shambles. There was no one to turn to, everyone seemed to abandon him, this all continued throughout his life and led to his downfall. I'd like to see a man who loses everything all at once go continue on just as he did before. The film was excellent and I would highly recommend seeing it.

  14. NicholasHeinecke's rating of the film Affliction

    The movie centered around the relationship between alcoholism and abuse that can be found when kids grow up with a father who struggles with the same vices. The movie was awkward at times and the pacing was really slow until the last 20 minutes, which made it a chore to get through. The characters are the most intense part of the movie, and the best dialogue happens towards the end.

  15. Jessica's rating of the film Affliction

    I think this film was good but it could have been better. In the description is states it is a drama/thriller/mystery but I don't don't think the film portrayed those themes very well. I wasn't thrilling enough or mysterious enough. The drama was good but it could have had more. I liked the plot but if were thought out a bit more this could have been a really great film.

  16. ekeal9497's rating of the film Affliction

    This was a good film but it wasn't what i was expecting. Personally, i wasn't that impressed with the plot. The suspense was great but that was the only good part of the whole film. What i think of the acting was pretty good. I always liked Paul Schrader films. I would recommend this to anyone who likes to think and fall asleep at the same time. This was not a film i was expecting to watch for my mubi review.........

  17. Cyrus Dayani's rating of the film Affliction

    3.9 A mostly worthwhile film that touches on some heavy and real shit that's getting more relevant in time. This is a cold and desperate late 1990s mainstream outlier taking place in a Fargo-like environment. Coulda been 4 to 5 stars EASILY if the ending was better developed. Dafoe's monolog at the end might as well have come from a Fiction 1 class - it kills the movie some.

  18. Samuel T.'s rating of the film Affliction

    "Facts do not make history." Amerika. 3.4

  19. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Affliction

    (3.5 stars) Nolte and Coburn sizzle with gruffness and immense depth to their performances. The powerhouse acting is what props this film up. It's a morose drama about a man spiraling into the depths of utter failure. Heavy, but awesome talent on display here.

  20. pauline hevia's rating of the film Affliction

    Boring. Plot is too loose and not tightly woven enough for such a complex story. Acting is OK.

  21. n's rating of the film Affliction

    Nick Nolte's best performance. Final explanation of the brother was unnecessary. It destroys the film.

  22. skoog's rating of the film Affliction

  23. film_lies101's rating of the film Affliction

    Too stagey for me to be affective

  24. Mtume Gant's rating of the film Affliction

    It just feels so contrived. Like I get the extended metaphors but Schrader forgets real nuance and character behavior rather than overplaying his hand for 2 hours

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