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  1. dAlton Anthony's rating of the film Afghan Star

    Meanwhile, the Trump Adm appoints the 17th General to oversea strategic bombing designed to subdue the 60% of Afghan territory outside of the Afghan gov's control. Until we get a democracy of our own to export, American Idol and $78 billion in taxpayer money for Chinook helicopters and warplanes will need to suffice. Not exactly a balanced doc, and I wish there was more music, but it is fascinating nonetheless.

  2. Aukse's rating of the film Afghan Star

  3. caitlin.f's rating of the film Afghan Star

    fascinating. i wish it went just a bit more into the history of afghanistan to give a little more context. very insightful film though.

  4. sark's rating of the film Afghan Star

    This is the best Afghanistan could do with their newfound freedom? What a joke. Bread and circuses...bread and circuses....give the people bread and circuses

  5. crystal meff's rating of the film Afghan Star

    This is what i come to Mubi for. More please !

  6. EdieEmm's rating of the film Afghan Star

    Clicked on this film, noncommittally, on it's last day on Mubi, thinking I'd maybe give it 10 minutes to win me over. It managed in 1. What a great little film! Nothing wild, but perfectly structured and paced, compelling, made with empathy, humour, respect... Among other insights, it's humbling to see a people so entitled to cynicism choose joy. (Also to see how much better their lyrics are than ours!) Nicely done.

  7. George B's rating of the film Afghan Star

  8. Karen's rating of the film Afghan Star

    Utterly fascinating--through what appears to be in some ways a trivial cultural event--something like our Idol TV series--a quite complex picture emerges of where the Afghans are today.

  9. msmichel's rating of the film Afghan Star

    The contrast between emerging democracy and Islamic law is the underlying theme of Marking's documentary. Unfortunately its somewhat lost in its 'American Idol' framework with the contest being a key subject when its focus should really be elsewhere. A country where women are second class citizens and death threats are made, and often carried out, for simply uncovering one's head or dancing is not a democracy.

  10. Lindsay's rating of the film Afghan Star

  11. Nathan.'s rating of the film Afghan Star

    This was pretty interesting, had no idea people would react so badly to someone dancing. Eye opening. Learnt quite a bit about Afghan society and values, which is something I knew absolutely nothing about before watching.

  12. Christopher R. Smith's rating of the film Afghan Star

    An interesting, straight-forward look at modern cultural change in the Middle East. It does go on a bit too long, and some of the storylines were more interesting than others. But at its strongest moments, it raises some fascinating questions.