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  1. Photo of Yasuzô Masumura

    Yasuzô Masumura Director

  2. Photo of Hideo Ando

    Hideo Ando Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ryûzô Kikushima

    Ryûzô Kikushima Screenplay

  4. Photo of Yukio Mishima

    Yukio Mishima Cast

  5. Photo of Ayako Wakao

    Ayako Wakao Cast

  6. Photo of Keizo Kawasaki

    Keizo Kawasaki Cast

  7. Photo of Eiji Funakoshi

    Eiji Funakoshi Cast

  8. Photo of Takashi Shimura

    Takashi Shimura Cast

  9. Photo of Yaeko Mizutani

    Yaeko Mizutani Cast

  10. Photo of Michiko Ono

    Michiko Ono Cast

  11. Photo of Hiroshi Murai

    Hiroshi Murai Cinematography

  12. Photo of Tetsuo Tsukahara

    Tetsuo Tsukahara Music

  13. Photo of Takesaburo Watanabe

    Takesaburo Watanabe Production Design

  14. Photo of Tatsuji Nakashizu

    Tatsuji Nakashizu Editing