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Ratings & Reviews

  1. captainfez's rating of the film After the Battle

    And you thought BOJACK HORSEMAN was depressing.

  2. Loz Loory's rating of the film After the Battle

    3.5 Glad to see a movie about different "sides" in the revolution. The main characters were well-written, with nuanced motivations. Slowed a bit in places, especially with Abdullah--his character was more stereotypical. Great scene with the schoolteacher.

  3. Slappy McGee's rating of the film After the Battle

    Wanders a bit in the second half, but still compelling and follows through with some great acting. Menna Shalabi is a vision and a stunning actress. So powerful. Looks that could kill and charm in one glance. Those eyes! I don't fully comprehend the political scope of everything, but it does a good job of leading me there. Again, I enjoyed the first hour much more than the second one. But a solid find from Egypt.

  4. Ankush Samant's rating of the film After the Battle

    We always see 2 sides to a revolution - "Us" vs "Them". But, what happens when "Us" is itself divided into multiple shades of gray; or for that matter "Us" comprises of a rainbow full of colors? This movie shines light on the beautiful revolutionary landscape of Egypt to show this vibrancy.

  5. Jean A. Vachon's rating of the film After the Battle

  6. Superfrog's rating of the film After the Battle

    Intersting touch on social aspect of revolution, somewhat less convincing than say Tunisia Clash. The end bit is a bit formulaic, and as such disappointing. Also, I have the feeling that the hand that is feeding the project is always apparent at the corner of the shot. The divide between revolutionaries and common people is likely underrepresented by quite a bit.

  7. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film After the Battle

    An interesting look at a turbulent time in Egypt's recent history, and also the price paid by expendable soldiers who may not fully understand just how much their lives will be affected by acts of war. Solid lead performances help, and patient viewers should feel rewarded by the characterisations and the sketching of what is permitted and what is frowned upon socially.

  8. chloe's rating of the film After the Battle

    solid work of cinema. insightful, realist approach to portraying Egyptian life and society. slightly mouth-piecy characters at times but makes a decent go of looking at Egyptian political themes and how they relate to real people.

  9. dmol's rating of the film After the Battle

    I was going for 3 stars for most of the film, but the poignant, allegorical ending turned it into a 4 for me. The romance wasn't quite convincing and there were moments, in the beginning especially, that confused me, but it tackles political and social divides in ways that are very resonant around the world today.

  10. Ayesha Casely-Hayford's rating of the film After the Battle

    The impact of revolution on daily lives. Class divide and gender politics. Revolution = no tourists. No tourists = no livelihood/ Tahir: "We went to defend our livelihood"/ "No, you went to fight against revolution". Poetically presented this film is not storytelling, but life portraying, a good education for westerners. Shot with honesty. No breaking down to explain the culture. You have to watch and learn.

  11. msmichel's rating of the film After the Battle

    Magnificent picture with a strong documentary base that its narrative developed from featuring amazing performances from its two leads, Menna Chalaby and Bassem Samra. Starting with an incident in Tahrir Square and ending with a march on the generals months later the film investigates both the hope and the hopelessness generated by revolution amongst both sides of the class divide. Raw, passionate and revealing.

  12. Andrew Stys's rating of the film After the Battle

    Awesome. Last time they did movies like this was back in the 1960s.

  13. Guido Fierlbeck's rating of the film After the Battle