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  1. Photo of Christopher Browne

    Christopher Browne Director

  2. Photo of Abas Suan

    Abas Suan Self

  3. Photo of Kimal Khalaili

    Kimal Khalaili Self

  4. Photo of Mazen Ghanayem

    Mazen Ghanayem Self

  5. Photo of Eyal Lachman

    Eyal Lachman Self

  6. Photo of Waji Abboud

    Waji Abboud Self

  7. Photo of Tomer Eliyahu

    Tomer Eliyahu Self

  8. Photo of Assad El Tahili

    Assad El Tahili Self

  9. Photo of Shimon Peres

    Shimon Peres Self

  10. Photo of Safa Suan

    Safa Suan Self

  11. Photo of Jamal Khaleli

    Jamal Khaleli Self

  12. Photo of Peni Avital

    Peni Avital Self

  13. Photo of Momi Zafran

    Momi Zafran Self

  14. Photo of Eitan Riklis

    Eitan Riklis Cinematography

  15. Photo of Neill Sanford Livingston

    Neill Sanford Livingston Music

  16. Photo of Roger Bennett

    Roger Bennett Producer

  17. Photo of Alexander H. Browne

    Alexander H. Browne Producer

  18. Photo of Michaël Cohen

    Michaël Cohen Producer

  19. Photo of Barry Tatleman

    Barry Tatleman Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Patrick Gambuti, Jr.

    Patrick Gambuti, Jr. Editing