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  1. Photo of Usmar Ismail

    Usmar Ismail Director, Executive Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Asrul Sani

    Asrul Sani Screenplay

  3. Photo of AN Alcaff

    AN Alcaff Cast

  4. Photo of Netty Herawati

    Netty Herawati Cast

  5. Photo of Dhalia

    Dhalia Cast

  6. Photo of Bambang Hermanto

    Bambang Hermanto Cast

  7. Photo of Rd Ismail

    Rd Ismail Cast

  8. Photo of Awaludin

    Awaludin Cast

  9. Photo of Titien Sumarni

    Titien Sumarni Cast

  10. Photo of Aedy Moward

    Aedy Moward Cast

  11. Photo of Astaman

    Astaman Cast

  12. Photo of A Hadi

    A Hadi Cast

  13. Photo of Chan Wahid

    Chan Wahid Cast

  14. Photo of S Taharnunu

    S Taharnunu Cast

  15. Photo of Lukman Jusuf

    Lukman Jusuf Cast

  16. Photo of Max Tera

    Max Tera Cinematography

  17. Photo of Djamaluddin Malik

    Djamaluddin Malik Executive Producer