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  1. Photo of Attila Janisch

    Attila Janisch Director

  2. Photo of Tibor Gáspár

    Tibor Gáspár Cast

  3. Photo of Borbála Derzsi

    Borbála Derzsi Cast

  4. Photo of Sándor Czeczô

    Sándor Czeczô Cast

  5. Photo of Dénes Ujlaky

    Dénes Ujlaky Cast

  6. Photo of Kati Lázár

    Kati Lázár Cast

  7. Photo of András Forgách

    András Forgách Screenplay

  8. Photo of Péter Miskolczi

    Péter Miskolczi Producer

  9. Photo of András Tóth

    András Tóth Producer

  10. Photo of György Ligeti

    György Ligeti Music

  11. Photo of Hans Mittendorf

    Hans Mittendorf Music

  12. Photo of Schahram Poursoudmand

    Schahram Poursoudmand Music

  13. Photo of Arvo Pärt

    Arvo Pärt Music

  14. Photo of Gábor Medvigy

    Gábor Medvigy Cinematography

  15. Photo of Anna Kornis

    Anna Kornis Editing

  16. Photo of Panny Kornis

    Panny Kornis Editing

  17. Photo of Attila Kovács

    Attila Kovács Production Design

  18. Photo of István Sipos

    István Sipos Sound

  19. Photo of Gábor Sipos

    Gábor Sipos Sound

  20. Photo of Brigitta Kajdácsi

    Brigitta Kajdácsi Sound

  21. Photo of Ferenc Háber

    Ferenc Háber Sound