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  1. Photo of Ivan Nitchev

    Ivan Nitchev Director

  2. Photo of Martin Hofmann

    Martin Hofmann Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Hans-Werner Honert

    Hans-Werner Honert Producer

  4. Photo of Bodo Bonev

    Bodo Bonev Producer

  5. Photo of Angel Vagenshtain

    Angel Vagenshtain Screenplay

  6. Photo of Georgi Nikolov

    Georgi Nikolov Cinematography

  7. Photo of Stefan Danailov

    Stefan Danailov Cast

  8. Photo of Katerina Didaskalou

    Katerina Didaskalou Cast

  9. Photo of Vassil Mihajlov

    Vassil Mihajlov Cast

  10. Photo of Georgi Kaloyanchev

    Georgi Kaloyanchev Cast

  11. Photo of Tatyana Lolova

    Tatyana Lolova Cast

  12. Photo of Georgi Rusev

    Georgi Rusev Cast

  13. Photo of Nikola Rudarov

    Nikola Rudarov Cast

  14. Photo of Vasil Vasilev-Zueka

    Vasil Vasilev-Zueka Cast

  15. Photo of Aleksandr Morfov

    Aleksandr Morfov Cast

  16. Photo of Djoko Rosic

    Djoko Rosic Cast

  17. Photo of Athina Pappa

    Athina Pappa Cast

  18. Photo of Zhana Dakovska

    Zhana Dakovska Cast

  19. Photo of Zlatil Davidov

    Zlatil Davidov Cast

  20. Photo of Giorgos Tsitsopoulos

    Giorgos Tsitsopoulos Cast

  21. Photo of Nikolai Urumov

    Nikolai Urumov Cast

  22. Photo of Petar Popyordanov

    Petar Popyordanov Cast

  23. Photo of Mihail Mutafov

    Mihail Mutafov Cast

  24. Photo of Plamen Serakov

    Plamen Serakov Cast

  25. Photo of Petar Slabakov

    Petar Slabakov Cast

  26. Photo of Ivo Papasov

    Ivo Papasov Cast

  27. Photo of Rossitsa Bakeva

    Rossitsa Bakeva Production Design

  28. Photo of Stephan Dimitrov

    Stephan Dimitrov Music