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  1. Lights in the Dusk's rating of the film After the Reconciliation

    It's kind of disturbing how JLG is essentially playing me as a middle-aged man. Like he travelled into the far off future, studied my speech and mannerisms, then went back in time to when I was still a teenager to use my future-self as the basis of his characterisation. His performance is superb! Like other MiƩville films, this one is very slight, almost a sketch, but it's also very beautiful and genuinely emotional.

  2. Conrad Steeves's rating of the film After the Reconciliation

    @Denis, APRES LA RECONCILIATION was available with ELOGE DE L'AMOUR from CDJapan for 9600 Yen but only with Japanese subtitles naturally. I don't have the OOP DVD so I cannot comment on the quality.