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  1. caitlin.f's rating of the film After Tiller

    the amount of mental & emotional strength these people have is truly amazing. they save lives every day & are seldom recognized for their efforts. very humbling.

  2. Eeeeeeeeeee's rating of the film After Tiller

  3. greers's rating of the film After Tiller

    they are real heroes and i have so so much respect for them. fuck pro-lifers

  4. Alex's rating of the film After Tiller

    This was a cool documentary. It had me thinking about the making of films, and about REAL life. Usually it is one or the other.

  5. wilted's rating of the film After Tiller

    Interesting, I especially appreciated how despite the clear agenda, they still touched on the uncertainty of the some of the doctors in what they were doing. Felt too aimless, like the filmmakers just had a bunch of points they wanted to make and didn't know how to structure things. Having a narrator to tie the vignettes together could have helped to avoid this.

  6. Clay_Carter's rating of the film After Tiller

    Abortion makes me think of the Hemingway's short story "Hills Like White Elephants." Essentially, there is a human being, maybe a couple, at a train station and to choose a direction is inevitable. This doc sensitively handled a red-hot topic, and offered an important thought, to paraphrase: if you cannot understand what the woman is going through it is difficult to think of abortion as anything less than barbaric.

  7. Bernardo Anderson's rating of the film After Tiller

    A devastating documentary about abortion and the people that perform it. Difficult mostly because they know how needed they are, and how hard it is on the patients and the doctors.

  8. mi cha el's rating of the film After Tiller

    well done but quite short of tony kaye's LAKE OF FIRE. for those that haven't seen LAKE, i think this film holds up nicely and shows the struggle that this issue is. for both supporters and adversaries. it's a bit tame with soundtrack and such. filmically, not terribly impressed but it relates important info.

  9. Ben Loory's rating of the film After Tiller

    A great documentary that will make you think long and hard not just about your beliefs (whatever they may be) but about how you live every moment of your life. Really loved this one.

  10. Célio g.'s rating of the film After Tiller

  11. William's rating of the film After Tiller

    An affecting documentary that offers insight into the lives and thoughts of the 4 doctors who still perform third-trimester abortions in the US. Its tone is compassionate yet relatively superficial; it only scratches the surface of deeper ethical questions about these procedures, such as the 1/2-3/4 of third-trimester abortions that do not involve severe fetal anomalies (like Down Syndrome) or involve healthy babies.

  12. dave gunn's rating of the film After Tiller

    What an emotional documentary. These physicians are heroes and revolutionaries. It is so frustrating how powerful a population of extremist morons with an imaginary friend can become.

  13. Matthew_Lucas's rating of the film After Tiller

    Heartbreaking documentary takes a look at the 4 remaining doctors who provide late term abortions after the murder of abortion doctor George Tiller, in a Kansas church. Takes a highly contentious issue and gives it a human face, pleading for compassion for women faced with an unthinkable decision. A multifaceted and intelligent doc about an issue too often painted in stark black and white.

  14. Andre Rehal's rating of the film After Tiller

    A documentary I think that every pro-lifer should see. The doc does a good job of framing the issue but puts adds the personal toll that being a late-term abortion provider has on the small handfull of doctors that continue to practice.