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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Scorpio Velvet's rating of the film Aftershock

    Surprisingly entertaining thriller from Roth.

  2. Cesar Carlevarino's rating of the film Aftershock

  3. Gonçalo Rosas's rating of the film Aftershock

    2 - A friend of mine told me to watch this because it was "hilariously bad". It was. I award this film one star for giving me the privilege of seeing Eli "Everything I Touch Turns to Shit" Roth go out in a blaze of CGI fire. Selena Gomez can now rest assured in the knowledge that fucking Justin Bieber was only the second-most degrading thing she ever did in her career.

  4. violisto's rating of the film Aftershock

    one of the great comedies I ever watched. Highly entertaining!

  5. Justin Vicari's rating of the film Aftershock

    As patròn here, Roth has never been more comfy with his inner nerd - Jesse Eisenberg could take serious lessons from the humility of Roth's cheesy, cock-blocked tourist. This film is an effective nailbiter, and it confirms the two great postulates of Roth's oeuvre: traveling anywhere is just plain bad, and cellphones are an integral part of modern selfhood.

  6. Gee Chew's rating of the film Aftershock

    really pathetic screenplay

  7. Adam Moody's rating of the film Aftershock

    Horrifically dull genre film that does nothing with its very misleading (in my eyes) concept. Instead lazily jumping from stereotype to cliche.

  8. lpseudo's rating of the film Aftershock

    Una mala broma. Su mayor problema es que siente estar siendo arriesgada todo el tiempo cuando lamentablemente es todo lo contrario. Predecible, absurda, estúpida y el segundo fracaso en un mes (junto a Hemlock Grove) con el nombre de 'Eli Roth' como productor y escritor. Alguien digale a Eli Roth que el ser cruel con sus personajes no significa hacer algo novedoso, menos cuando lo hace con personajes tan vacios.