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  1. Photo of Ralph Thomas

    Ralph Thomas Director

  2. Photo of Lukas Heller

    Lukas Heller Screenplay

  3. Photo of Lionel Davidson

    Lionel Davidson Screenplay

  4. Photo of Dirk Bogarde

    Dirk Bogarde Cast

  5. Photo of Sylva Koscina

    Sylva Koscina Cast

  6. Photo of Robert Morley

    Robert Morley Cast

  7. Photo of Leo McKern

    Leo McKern Cast

  8. Photo of Roger Delgado

    Roger Delgado Cast

  9. Photo of Derek Fowlds

    Derek Fowlds Cast

  10. Photo of Amanda Grinling

    Amanda Grinling Cast

  11. Photo of Noel Harrison

    Noel Harrison Cast

  12. Photo of Philo Hauser

    Philo Hauser Cast

  13. Photo of John Junkin

    John Junkin Cast

  14. Photo of Gertan Klauber

    Gertan Klauber Cast

  15. Photo of John Le Mesurier

    John Le Mesurier Cast

  16. Photo of Jill Melford

    Jill Melford Cast

  17. Photo of Derek Nimmo

    Derek Nimmo Cast

  18. Photo of Richard Pasco

    Richard Pasco Cast

  19. Photo of Eric Pohlmann

    Eric Pohlmann Cast

  20. Photo of Richard Vernon

    Richard Vernon Cast

  21. Photo of Ernest Steward

    Ernest Steward Cinematography

  22. Photo of Angelo Francesco Lavagnino

    Angelo Francesco Lavagnino Music

  23. Photo of Syd Cain

    Syd Cain Production Design

  24. Photo of Betty E. Box

    Betty E. Box Producer

  25. Photo of Earl St. John

    Earl St. John Executive Producer

  26. Photo of Alfred Roome

    Alfred Roome Editing