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  1. Photo of Arcady Boytler

    Arcady Boytler Director

  2. Photo of Pedro Maus

    Pedro Maus Producer

  3. Photo of Felipe Mier

    Felipe Mier Producer

  4. Photo of Arcady Boytler

    Arcady Boytler Screenplay

  5. Photo of Antonio Guzmán Aguilera

    Antonio Guzmán Aguilera Screenplay

  6. Photo of Víctor Herrera

    Víctor Herrera Cinematography

  7. Photo of Cantinflas

    Cantinflas Cast

  8. Photo of Manuel Medel

    Manuel Medel Cast

  9. Photo of Margarita Mora

    Margarita Mora Cast

  10. Photo of Marina Tamayo

    Marina Tamayo Cast

  11. Photo of Luis G. Barreiro

    Luis G. Barreiro Cast

  12. Photo of Manuel Arvide

    Manuel Arvide Cast

  13. Photo of Margarita Sodí

    Margarita Sodí Cast

  14. Photo of Jesús de la Mora

    Jesús de la Mora Cast

  15. Photo of José Girón Torres

    José Girón Torres Cast

  16. Photo of Dora Ceprano

    Dora Ceprano Cast

  17. Photo of Ramón Rey

    Ramón Rey Cast

  18. Photo of José Noriega

    José Noriega Editing

  19. Photo of José Rodríguez Granada

    José Rodríguez Granada Production Design

  20. Photo of Manuel Castro Padilla

    Manuel Castro Padilla Music