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  1. Photo of Gérard Blain

    Gérard Blain Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Wilhelm Bérard

    Wilhelm Bérard Screenplay

  3. Photo of Michel Marmin

    Michel Marmin Screenplay

  4. Photo of Paul Blain

    Paul Blain Cast

  5. Photo of Sylvie Olivier

    Sylvie Olivier Cast

  6. Photo of Marie Allianoux

    Marie Allianoux Cast

  7. Photo of Delphine Dalbin

    Delphine Dalbin Cast

  8. Photo of Michel Subor

    Michel Subor Cast

  9. Photo of François D'Aubigny

    François D'Aubigny Cast

  10. Photo of Claude Cernay

    Claude Cernay Cast

  11. Photo of Dominique Valera

    Dominique Valera Cast

  12. Photo of Anicée Alvina

    Anicée Alvina Cast

  13. Photo of Pierre Charras

    Pierre Charras Cast

  14. Photo of Michèle Sautereaud

    Michèle Sautereaud Cast

  15. Photo of Marie Allan

    Marie Allan Cast

  16. Photo of Gérard Gaudry

    Gérard Gaudry Cinematography

  17. Photo of Jean-Pierre Stora

    Jean-Pierre Stora Music

  18. Photo of Vincent Mateu-Ferreur

    Vincent Mateu-Ferreur Production Design

  19. Photo of Olivier Mauffroy

    Olivier Mauffroy Editing

  20. Photo of Claire Risterucci

    Claire Risterucci Costume Design