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  1. Photo of Chande Omar

    Chande Omar Director

  2. Photo of Hamadi Mwapachu

    Hamadi Mwapachu Screenplay

  3. Photo of Godliver Gordian

    Godliver Gordian Cast

  4. Photo of Adarusi Walii

    Adarusi Walii Cast

  5. Photo of Flora Nicholas

    Flora Nicholas Cast

  6. Photo of Juma Madenge

    Juma Madenge Cast

  7. Photo of Amil Shivji

    Amil Shivji Producer

  8. Photo of Vera Pieroth

    Vera Pieroth Executive Producer

  9. Photo of Takura Maurayi

    Takura Maurayi Cinematography

  10. Photo of Momose Cheyo

    Momose Cheyo Editing

  11. Photo of Jessica Olsen

    Jessica Olsen Production Design

  12. Photo of Vital Maembe

    Vital Maembe Music

  13. Photo of Julian Gordon-Hastings

    Julian Gordon-Hastings Music