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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Salma's rating of the film Aiyyaa

    The recut version which exists only in my mind gets 5 stars from me. This movie made my heart hurt because I wanted to 100% love it so badly but it just bogged itself down. All of the brother/secretary comic relief plus half of Rani's blindly-following-her-lover's-scent scenes needed to be CUT. There's a sweet, funny, heart-of-gold work of art buried in here... if only one could sculpt it out more fully.

  2. pepoire's rating of the film Aiyyaa

    Aiyyaa feels really unfocused, but there are a lot of things to like about it. Even if the film as a whole doesn't really work, it's visually super imaginative, and occasionally very funny and touching (also, Dreamum Wakeupum is a work of art by itself). Rani is fantastic; I treasure the scene where she sits on her bed in her pyjamas learning how to say "Please keep the top button of your shirt open" in Tamil.