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  1. Photo of Francesco Massaro

    Francesco Massaro Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Enrico Oldoini

    Enrico Oldoini Screenplay

  3. Photo of Franco Ferrini

    Franco Ferrini Screenplay

  4. Photo of Enrico Vanzina

    Enrico Vanzina Screenplay

  5. Photo of Lino Banfi

    Lino Banfi Cast

  6. Photo of Jerry Calà

    Jerry Calà Cast

  7. Photo of Mara Venier

    Mara Venier Cast

  8. Photo of Pino Ammendola

    Pino Ammendola Cast

  9. Photo of Sergio Vastano

    Sergio Vastano Cast

  10. Photo of Armando Russo

    Armando Russo Cast

  11. Photo of Mirella Banti

    Mirella Banti Cast

  12. Photo of Franco Barbero

    Franco Barbero Cast

  13. Photo of Annie Belle

    Annie Belle Cast

  14. Photo of Enzo Andronico

    Enzo Andronico Cast

  15. Photo of Ennio Antonelli

    Ennio Antonelli Cast

  16. Photo of Omero Capanna

    Omero Capanna Cast

  17. Photo of Luigi Kuveiller

    Luigi Kuveiller Cinematography

  18. Photo of Detto Mariano

    Detto Mariano Music

  19. Photo of Pio Angeletti

    Pio Angeletti Producer

  20. Photo of Adriano De Micheli

    Adriano De Micheli Producer