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  1. Photo of John Morley

    John Morley Screenplay

  2. Photo of Kenneth Williams

    Kenneth Williams Cast

  3. Photo of Sarah Greene

    Sarah Greene Cast

  4. Photo of Jan Francis

    Jan Francis Cast

  5. Photo of Floella Benjamin

    Floella Benjamin Cast

  6. Photo of Terry Nutkins

    Terry Nutkins Cast

  7. Photo of Johnny Morris

    Johnny Morris Cast

  8. Photo of Brian Cant

    Brian Cant Cast

  9. Photo of Ann Emery

    Ann Emery Cast

  10. Photo of Edward Brayshaw

    Edward Brayshaw Cast

  11. Photo of Kenneth Connor

    Kenneth Connor Cast

  12. Photo of Sue Nicholls

    Sue Nicholls Cast

  13. Photo of Johnny Ball

    Johnny Ball Cast

  14. Photo of Todd Carty

    Todd Carty Cast

  15. Photo of John Craven

    John Craven Cast

  16. Photo of Clive Dunn

    Clive Dunn Cast

  17. Photo of Christopher Biggins

    Christopher Biggins Cast

  18. Photo of Janet Ellis

    Janet Ellis Cast

  19. Photo of Jeffrey Segal

    Jeffrey Segal Cast

  20. Photo of Molly Weir

    Molly Weir Cast

  21. Photo of Hal Dyer

    Hal Dyer Cast

  22. Photo of Carol Chell

    Carol Chell Cast

  23. Photo of Mark Curry

    Mark Curry Cast

  24. Photo of Peter Duncan

    Peter Duncan Cast

  25. Photo of Keith Chegwin

    Keith Chegwin Cast

  26. Photo of Tracey Childs

    Tracey Childs Cast

  27. Photo of Stuart McGugan

    Stuart McGugan Cast

  28. Photo of Barry Took

    Barry Took Cast

  29. Photo of Gary Wilmot

    Gary Wilmot Cast

  30. Photo of James Marcus

    James Marcus Cast

  31. Photo of William Perrie

    William Perrie Cast

  32. Photo of John Asquith

    John Asquith Cast

  33. Photo of Marjorie Pratt

    Marjorie Pratt Production Design

  34. Photo of Jeremy Swan

    Jeremy Swan Producer and Director