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  1. Photo of John Musker

    John Musker Screenplay, Producer Director

  2. Photo of Ted Elliott

    Ted Elliott Screenplay

  3. Photo of Terry Rossio

    Terry Rossio Screenplay

  4. Photo of Ed Gombert

    Ed Gombert Screenplay

  5. Photo of Robin Williams

    Robin Williams Voice

  6. Photo of Scott Weinger

    Scott Weinger Voice

  7. Photo of Linda Larkin

    Linda Larkin Voice

  8. Photo of Jonathan Freeman

    Jonathan Freeman Voice

  9. Photo of Frank Welker

    Frank Welker Voice

  10. Photo of Gilbert Gottfried

    Gilbert Gottfried Voice

  11. Photo of Alan Menken

    Alan Menken Music

  12. Photo of Bruce Botnick

    Bruce Botnick Music

  13. Photo of Michael Starobin

    Michael Starobin Music

  14. Photo of Howard Ashman

    Howard Ashman Lyrics

  15. Photo of Tim Rice

    Tim Rice Lyrics

  16. Photo of Ron Clements

    Ron Clements Producer, Director Screenplay

  17. Photo of Teresa Eckton

    Teresa Eckton Sound

  18. Photo of Ron Bartlett

    Ron Bartlett Sound

  19. Photo of Donald Flick

    Donald Flick Sound

  20. Photo of Tim Allen

    Tim Allen Animation

  21. Photo of Kathy Altieri

    Kathy Altieri Animation

  22. Photo of Tom Bancroft

    Tom Bancroft Animation

  23. Photo of Tony Bancroft

    Tony Bancroft Animation

  24. Photo of Allison Belliveau

    Allison Belliveau Animation

  25. Photo of Aaron Blaise

    Aaron Blaise Animation

  26. Photo of Rejean Bourdages

    Rejean Bourdages Animation

  27. Photo of Justin Brandstater

    Justin Brandstater Animation

  28. Photo of Robert Bryan

    Robert Bryan Animation

  29. Photo of Dave Burgess

    Dave Burgess Animation

  30. Photo of Thomas Cardone

    Thomas Cardone Animation

  31. Photo of Randy Cartwright

    Randy Cartwright Animation

  32. Photo of Michael Cedeno

    Michael Cedeno Animation

  33. Photo of Dan Cooper

    Dan Cooper Animation

  34. Photo of Anthony de Rosa

    Anthony de Rosa Animation

  35. Photo of Andreas Deja

    Andreas Deja Animation

  36. Photo of Lou Dellarosa

    Lou Dellarosa Animation

  37. Photo of Greg Drolette

    Greg Drolette Animation

  38. Photo of Debbie Du Bois

    Debbie Du Bois Animation

  39. Photo of Ken Duncan

    Ken Duncan Animation

  40. Photo of Russ Edmonds

    Russ Edmonds Animation

  41. Photo of John Emerson

    John Emerson Animation

  42. Photo of Rick Farmiloe

    Rick Farmiloe Animation

  43. Photo of Brian Ferguson

    Brian Ferguson Animation

  44. Photo of Will Finn

    Will Finn Animation

  45. Photo of Natalie Franscioni-Karp

    Natalie Franscioni-Karp Animation

  46. Photo of Tony Fucile

    Tony Fucile Animation

  47. Photo of Raul Garcia

    Raul Garcia Animation

  48. Photo of Jean Gillmore

    Jean Gillmore Animation

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