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  1. Photo of Hassan Said

    Hassan Said Producer

  2. Photo of Jay I. Patel

    Jay I. Patel Cinematography

  3. Photo of Correia Adão

    Correia Adão Cast

  4. Photo of Marieta Cabuço

    Marieta Cabuço Cast

  5. Photo of Maria Francisca Canganjo

    Maria Francisca Canganjo Cast

  6. Photo of Dom Petro Dikota

    Dom Petro Dikota Cast

  7. Photo of Júlio Lisboa

    Júlio Lisboa Cast

  8. Photo of Alfredo Guilherme Simao

    Alfredo Guilherme Simao Cast

  9. Photo of Greg Whitlow

    Greg Whitlow Editing

  10. Photo of Tchiyna Matos

    Tchiyna Matos Production Design

  11. Photo of Paulo Flores

    Paulo Flores Music

  12. Photo of Winnie Cadete

    Winnie Cadete Costume Design

  13. Photo of Mario Bastos

    Mario Bastos Director and Screenplay