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Ratings & Reviews

  1. empathymachine's rating of the film ¡Alambrista!

    i watched this film a long time ago, yet it has stuck in my mind as an affecting and nicely dated-looking piece of cinéma vérité. very underrated.

  2. Graveyard Poet's rating of the film ¡Alambrista!

    The actors feel and look like real life people. The film is shot in a gritty documentary verite style that fits the story of the lonely Mexican worker Roberto seeking better pay in the U.S. to support his poor wife and child back home only to confront disappointment, dislocation, frustration, and isolation.

  3. L.F.G.'s rating of the film ¡Alambrista!

    The Criterion commentary is eye-opening

  4. Chocnut's rating of the film ¡Alambrista!

    First watched in 2014, rewatched in 2016.

  5. sharunasbresson's rating of the film ¡Alambrista!

    I was disappointed by El norte, a nice film but a little too ambitious for its own sake, and definitely bad acted. This film instead has given me all that I expected from the other. Great acting, a powerful camera work (how i wish that handheld camera today could still be relevant in order to describe characters feelings or directors point of view and not just a stilish tool used vaguely in order to appear realistic)