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  1. Jesús's rating of the film Alatriste

    Para mi es una lindura de Película. Cada escena. es como si fuera una pintura en un Cuadro. Pareciera Cuadros de Velazquez cada escena. El Soundtrack es una maravilla, una genialidad.

  2. Tigrão's rating of the film Alatriste

    It's obvious the script is made of various books, and not always very well tied together, but overall it's a superbly made period drama with a great perf from Mortensen. In terms of structure, it almost reminded me of "Barry Lyndon": it doesn't try to be an action movie, rather span the military years of Capitan Alatriste.

  3. David J. Fowlie's rating of the film Alatriste

  4. Marco Frigerio's rating of the film Alatriste

    This is not a movie. There is no plot, they simply took some disjointed episodes out of various novels to fill the (too long) running time, this is a shame because the source material is good, Mortensen is great and the single episodes are well done. At least you can see this as a sort of demo for Perez-Revert's novels.

  5. mohammad saeed ahmadi's rating of the film Alatriste

    it's like you watching Rembrandt moving paintings.

  6. RobyneBR's rating of the film Alatriste

    I loved this film. The plot was disjointed - hell, they crammed about 8 novels into one film, no wonder - but the cinematography was wonderful. An artistic experience, if not a linear one. Would love this to become available.