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  1. Photo of Stefano Salvati

    Stefano Salvati Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Marco Sermenghi

    Marco Sermenghi Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Minnie Ferrara

    Minnie Ferrara Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Francesco Melzi d'Eril

    Francesco Melzi d'Eril Producer

  5. Photo of Alessandro Usai

    Alessandro Usai Producer

  6. Photo of Lorenzo Miglioli

    Lorenzo Miglioli Producer

  7. Photo of Pier Luigi Corvi Mora

    Pier Luigi Corvi Mora Producer

  8. Photo of Carlo Lucarelli

    Carlo Lucarelli Screenplay

  9. Photo of Maurizio Calvesi

    Maurizio Calvesi Cinematography

  10. Photo of Gigi Martinucci

    Gigi Martinucci Cinematography

  11. Photo of Laura Gigante

    Laura Gigante Cast

  12. Photo of Davide Rossi

    Davide Rossi Cast

  13. Photo of Raz Degan

    Raz Degan Cast

  14. Photo of Alessandro Haber

    Alessandro Haber Cast

  15. Photo of Ivano Marescotti

    Ivano Marescotti Cast

  16. Photo of Ugo Conti

    Ugo Conti Cast

  17. Photo of Andrea Lehotska

    Andrea Lehotska Cast

  18. Photo of Alessandra Sarno

    Alessandra Sarno Cast

  19. Photo of Natalia Pioli

    Natalia Pioli Cast

  20. Photo of Dario Bandiera

    Dario Bandiera Cast

  21. Photo of Loredana Cannata

    Loredana Cannata Cast

  22. Photo of Antonella Bavaro

    Antonella Bavaro Cast

  23. Photo of Paolo Marzoni

    Paolo Marzoni Editing

  24. Photo of Fabio Trebbi

    Fabio Trebbi Editing

  25. Photo of Paola Zamagni

    Paola Zamagni Production Design

  26. Photo of Gaetano Curreri

    Gaetano Curreri Music

  27. Photo of Frank Nemola

    Frank Nemola Music

  28. Photo of Vasco Rossi

    Vasco Rossi Music

  29. Photo of Giuseppe Ricciardi

    Giuseppe Ricciardi Costume Design