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  1. Photo of Chianca de Garcia

    Chianca de Garcia Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Ramada Curto

    Ramada Curto Screenplay

  3. Photo of José Gomes Ferreira

    José Gomes Ferreira Screenplay

  4. Photo of Beatriz Costa

    Beatriz Costa Cast

  5. Photo of Manuel Santos Carvalho

    Manuel Santos Carvalho Cast

  6. Photo of José Amaro

    José Amaro Cast

  7. Photo of Óscar de Lemos

    Óscar de Lemos Cast

  8. Photo of Elvira Velez

    Elvira Velez Cast

  9. Photo of Armando Machado

    Armando Machado Cast

  10. Photo of Octávio de Matos

    Octávio de Matos Cast

  11. Photo of Jorge Gentil

    Jorge Gentil Cast

  12. Photo of Mário Santos

    Mário Santos Cast

  13. Photo of Aquilino Mendes

    Aquilino Mendes Cinematography

  14. Photo of Raul Ferrão

    Raul Ferrão Music

  15. Photo of Raúl Portela

    Raúl Portela Music

  16. Photo of Jaime Silva Filho

    Jaime Silva Filho Music

  17. Photo of Vieira de Sousa

    Vieira de Sousa Editing