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  1. FISCHER's rating of the film Alexandra's Project

    >>> Effrayant mais aussi poignant huis-clos conjugal en forme d'efficace et décapant règlement de comptes, dénonçant avec une rare efficacité une forme fréquente de machisme marital et qui débouche sur une irrépressible et graduelle vengeance savamment concoctée avec l'aide d'un caméra vidéo et d'un voisin compréhensif.

  2. Rafael Zen's rating of the film Alexandra's Project

    This was kinda interesting (cucumbers aside), but it leaves the feeling of screen time being used unsuccessfully. To be honest, the tape thing got tired easily, around the first third of it. After that, I was only expecting some great revelations about Alexandra's project. Let's talk about that bland climax, shall we? It's - maybe - surprising, but it does not stand out to be nearly memorable. This is a let down.

  3. A.B. II: The Return's rating of the film Alexandra's Project

    Now, this is just a damn impressive thriller! Rolf de Heer takes the simple concept of watching a videotape and keeps you hooked the whole running time. Of course, it also helps that he constantly (and masterfully) subverts any expectations you may have about how the plot will progress. Helen Buday also deserves praise for her excellent performance, holding nothing back in a very challenging role.

  4. Nicholas Kohut's rating of the film Alexandra's Project

    A frightening reflection on the unspoken, fundamental problems in relationships, which when trapped in matrimony, become hell. Simple, yet weaving at the pace of drunken breaths, Alexandra's Project goes from silent to explosive at the turn of each revelation until there is nothing left and the project is complete.

  5. brutallyblue's rating of the film Alexandra's Project

    Chaotic and unsubstantial from the start, this is worst film I've seen in many moons. This worn, trite relationship story is not anchored by any sense of context or background. Along with that, one cannot ignore the cavalcade of visual absurdities, loose ends and implausible circumstances. Interpose vapid production values, actors with so little to work with and you've got an exhausting, pedestrian implosion.

  6. Kalvin gleason's rating of the film Alexandra's Project

    of all the countless, endless, formulaic thriller about dysfunctional domestic relationship that Hollywood tends to push out, this was an original film. Without relying on graphic violence and archetype stereotype to stranglehold the audience.

  7. Tania Ahmadi's rating of the film Alexandra's Project

    Why ???!!!! absolutely disturbing.

  8. Kyle Carpenter's rating of the film Alexandra's Project

    Not a good film to watch if you want happiness in your life. While it does bring to light very real issues in modern domestic relations, it does so in a cruel and unfulfilling way. The filming itself was done nicely, is themed well and is paced in just a way to leave your frightfully on edge. The conclusion serves no solution to the problem.

  9. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Alexandra's Project

    I DO like this movie... well, I like the movie that it WANTS to be. I just wish that de Heer was a better writer than he shows us here and was able to do better by his characters so that these two actors who really work hard to embody them would have more to show for their efforts. But de Heer misses the boat and creates a couple of caricatures by the end that have no soul, no good reasoning and laughable endings.

  10. Michael Schmidt's rating of the film Alexandra's Project

    It certainly works on the level of a feminist critique of a domestic relationship--but perhaps can also be taken as an allegory of the filmmaker/audience relationship. "We appear mad because you make us behave madly in order to get our points heard."

  11. Stephanie Gutierrez's rating of the film Alexandra's Project

    This film was really good in creating an exciting thriller that kept the viewer guessing what is going to happen next. Focused on a wife leaving her husband she sets up a “trap” to make him listen to her and face all that he has put her through. Although a bit a graphic and explicit Rolf de Heer creates an interesting story from start to finish.

  12. David R Williams's rating of the film Alexandra's Project

    Saw this at TIFF years ago and have to say...I really really hated it. My friend (also male) enjoyed it. I have personally experienced divorce. He has not (yet). That I believe made all the difference.

  13. Thomas's rating of the film Alexandra's Project

  14. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Alexandra's Project

    Perverse fantasy with plot holes so big you could drive the space shuttle through them. Her plan worked perfectly! He is destroyed!

  15. el.'s rating of the film Alexandra's Project

    the first part was so brilliant i almost thought this could be wonderful all the way. but it wasn't. got a bit agitated because of the lethargic finish and gradually decomposing tension.

  16. Juliet Benson's rating of the film Alexandra's Project

    I watched this alone and almost had a panic attack several times. It didn't end up at all where I was expecting, but then again, the combination of the dread, oozing vitriol, and ambivalent ending make this an unruly and memorable experience.

  17. Joks's rating of the film Alexandra's Project

    JAMES: I was just thinking how much better this film would be if it was directed by Haneke! or even Von Trier!!!

  18. James's rating of the film Alexandra's Project

    Rolf de Heer owes Michael Haneke a royalty check.

  19. Christopher R. Smith's rating of the film Alexandra's Project

    This little gem from Australia is a prime example of what makes independent film so exciting. The bulk of the film takes place in a single room between to characters, but it's always compelling, engrossing, and intense with superb performances and strong, intelligent writing. Not a well known film, but one that should be sought out.