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  1. Photo of Hans Werckmeister

    Hans Werckmeister Director

  2. Photo of Hans Brennert

    Hans Brennert Screenplay

  3. Photo of Friedel Köhne

    Friedel Köhne Screenplay

  4. Photo of Emil Jannings

    Emil Jannings Cast

  5. Photo of John Gottowt

    John Gottowt Cast

  6. Photo of Hans Adalbert Schlettow

    Hans Adalbert Schlettow Cast

  7. Photo of Hanna Ralph

    Hanna Ralph Cast

  8. Photo of Erna Morena

    Erna Morena Cast

  9. Photo of Ernst Hofmann

    Ernst Hofmann Cast

  10. Photo of Gertrude Welcker

    Gertrude Welcker Cast

  11. Photo of Käthe Haack

    Käthe Haack Cast

  12. Photo of Sebastian Droste

    Sebastian Droste Cast

  13. Photo of Axel Graatkjaer

    Axel Graatkjaer Cinematography

  14. Photo of Hermann Kircheldorff

    Hermann Kircheldorff Cinematography

  15. Photo of Walter Reimann

    Walter Reimann Production Design

  16. Photo of Paul Scheerbart

    Paul Scheerbart Production Design

  17. Photo of Richard Oswald

    Richard Oswald Producer