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  1. Photo of P. Ramlee

    P. Ramlee Director, Screenplay, Music Cast

  2. Photo of Aziz Sattar

    Aziz Sattar Cast

  3. Photo of S. Shamsuddin

    S. Shamsuddin Cast

  4. Photo of Normadiah

    Normadiah Cast

  5. Photo of Sarimah

    Sarimah Cast

  6. Photo of K. Fatimah

    K. Fatimah Cast

  7. Photo of Leng Hussain

    Leng Hussain Cast

  8. Photo of Shariff Dol

    Shariff Dol Cast

  9. Photo of M. Rafee

    M. Rafee Cast

  10. Photo of Ali Fiji

    Ali Fiji Cast

  11. Photo of Abu Bakar Ali

    Abu Bakar Ali Cinematography

  12. Photo of Mustafa Yassin

    Mustafa Yassin Cinematography

  13. Photo of Kassim Masdor

    Kassim Masdor Music

  14. Photo of Wong Hong Peng

    Wong Hong Peng Production Design

  15. Photo of H.R. Narayanan

    H.R. Narayanan Editing