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  1. Photo of Rudolf Ising

    Rudolf Ising Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Clement Moore

    Clement Moore Screenplay

  3. Photo of Billy Bletcher

    Billy Bletcher Cast

  4. Photo of Bernice Hansen

    Bernice Hansen Cast

  5. Photo of Hugh Harman

    Hugh Harman Producer

  6. Photo of Robert Allen

    Robert Allen Animation

  7. Photo of Lee Blair

    Lee Blair Animation

  8. Photo of Pete Burness

    Pete Burness Animation

  9. Photo of Joe D'Igalo

    Joe D'Igalo Animation

  10. Photo of Cal Dalton

    Cal Dalton Animation

  11. Photo of George Grandpré

    George Grandpré Animation

  12. Photo of Larry Martin

    Larry Martin Animation

  13. Photo of Thomas McKimson

    Thomas McKimson Animation

  14. Photo of Jim Pabian

    Jim Pabian Animation

  15. Photo of Mel Shaw

    Mel Shaw Animation

  16. Photo of Robert Stokes

    Robert Stokes Animation

  17. Photo of Frank Tipper

    Frank Tipper Animation

  18. Photo of Gil Turner

    Gil Turner Animation

  19. Photo of Carl Urbano

    Carl Urbano Animation