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  1. Lance L O T's rating of the film Alice

    It is a great exercise in cinema, specially in the colour and in the script - the idea of recording so much points of view and cameras of a man who does that to cope with losing his child is very good, whilst at the same time, his relationship is falling apart. It is a bit slow, there could be more events and the ending does not work for me, still it's a wonderful film without the sappy drama typical of this topic.

  2. FISCHER's rating of the film Alice

    Excellente interprétation de l'ensemble des principaux acteurs, avec un bonus supplémentaire pour Nuno Lopes, dans une oeuvre dense, maîtrisée, intensément humaine, témoignant d'un brûlant et profond désarroi...

  3. MistaRichard's rating of the film Alice

    Há algo de verdadeiramente precioso na câmara de Marco Martins. O ambiente diegético, ensurdecedor e confuso, mas nostálgico, espelha a alienação do nosso protagonista da realidade onde vive, preso que está ao momento do desaparecimento da sua filha. Nuno Lopes assume brilhantemente o papel do pai desesperado e obsessivo, sendo acompanhado pela fantástica Beatriz Batarda, que não poucas vezes o supera.

  4. Daniel Roque's rating of the film Alice

    Em hora e meia de filme, o Nuno Lopes conseguiu mostrar mais vontade em encontrar a filha do que os McCann pela Maddie numa vida. A banda sonora é qualquer coisa.

  5. Trunfos's rating of the film Alice

  6. DawSchwarz's rating of the film Alice

    O que é Nacional é bom. Bom filme, vale a pena

  7. marco's rating of the film Alice

    the 00's in portugal (2)

  8. elif jazel's rating of the film Alice

  9. Grace Sexton's rating of the film Alice

    Completely fascinating from beginning to end. Lead actor compelling. Unusual and original narrative method keeps you hooked. Hope and despair in modern life, Lisbon shot in a very different way. Martins doesn't let up with the banging realness. Some wonderful suspense on the train following the lady and the little girl.

  10. Kieran Charnock's rating of the film Alice

    Story is simple but powerful. By the final 20 minutes of the film I had become curious, I was getting inside the father's psyche, I was looking for the child too - the only problem is it took too long to have this effect. There was too much indulgence in the actor's depression/distress. We all take it for granted that after losing a child we are distraught - we don't need be reminded so often.

  11. Gonçalo Rosas's rating of the film Alice

    8 - It’s amazing what can be accomplished with a simple story if said story is in the hands of a confident director, even if said director’s reach occasionally exceeds his considerable grasp (overused score/nods to Lewis Carroll). The search is portrayed not only as its own event, but also as a lament for the common man’s struggles in the urban jungle; drowning in dry land by a self-imposed onus.

  12. Güven Şahinkanat's rating of the film Alice

    this is an honest film... If that woman in the shop didn't remove poster which is on the door I could give one star . The only thing that I really hate was usage of this minimal piano solo music. I think without music this movie could be like a punch .

  13. Lino Monteiro's rating of the film Alice

    Powerful and tragic. Such is the portrayal of a father's hope in finding her lost daughter, seemingly fruitless in the midst of suffering and growing but blameless indifference, which brings about the most excruciating form of despair: one that comes after a faint but sure glimmer of hope. Free of artifice and melodrama, it depicts a subtler form of anguish thanks to its great performances and cinematography.

  14. Johnny Mislow's rating of the film Alice

    It's hard to ignore the clear influence that Martins received from Pedro Santos in making a portrait of despair, solitude, determination, loneliness and helplessness in a backdrop almost over-simplified with the balance between calm and quiet and Lisbon's eternal life in movement. The portuguese soul of nostalgia and longing is perfectly well layered in this intense but quiet effort.

  15. esen özen's rating of the film Alice

  16. Henk Lamers's rating of the film Alice

    Final score: 8. Storyline: 8, Originality: 8, Cinematography: 8, Involvement: 7, Sound: 8, Editing: 8, Educational: 8, Title design: 7, Acting: 8, Interesting: 8, Unusual: 8, Exciting: 6, Superior: 7

  17. Zepo's rating of the film Alice

    Las obsesiones son las que no diferencian de otros; demarcan nuestros destinos. Con una melancolica luz el director nos guia con honestidad por el camino de la profunda tristeza que siente un padre por haber perdido a su hija. Su obsesion por encontrarla nos lleva a caminos de profunda reflexion. Magistral direccion y una actuacion tremenda de Mario el protagonista.

  18. eugenio's rating of the film Alice


  19. Dada Kubin's rating of the film Alice

    A touching movie about hope and despair. It starts like a masterpiece and builds up a captivating atmosphere right from the beginning. The flashbacks in the middle were somewhat unnecessary, in my opinion, and broke the spell which the film never regained. Still definitely worth watching.

  20. Wasunan T's rating of the film Alice

    a mix of frustration,loss and despair captured well in a film

  21. ig_____or's rating of the film Alice

    Probably the crown jewel of Portuguese cinema in the 00's. It manages to be so global and yet so portuguese with both the feeling of loneliness and anonymity felt in a big city (in this case, 'our' Lisbon), as well as the suffering and desperation of parents that are robbed of their child, that we see here through the eyes of this very "obsessed" father. It also has a very beautiful poster, which is always a plus.

  22. Susana Bessa's rating of the film Alice

    Portugal continua a ser um país muito pequenino, mas eu tenho orgulho neste filme. É inteligente, tocante e tudo menos pequeno. É o filme que aconselho a todos aqueles que conheci e conheço todos os dias fora do calor português.

  23. nein's rating of the film Alice

    I've wanted to watch a Portuguese movie for such a long time. And now I did. And it was great, sad, moving, hopeless and touching.

  24. ali hammoud's rating of the film Alice

    simple, moving and upbeat film showing a relentless search in an unusual way. After all, hope is all we got in such situations.

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