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Alice T.

Directed by Radu Muntean
Romania, France, 2018


Alice is an adopted teenager who has a strained relationship with her adoptive mother. Being an endless source of problems, Alice forges lies and blurs the lines between the fiction she creates and her real existence. One day, Alice confesses that she is pregnant and that she wants to keep the baby.

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Alice T. Directed by Radu Muntean
The constant state of war between a spectacularly stroppy teenage girl and her exasperated mother is vividly captured in Alice T. Strong characterisations and dramatic confrontations sustain a film that underlines director Radu Muntean’s ability to mine the fierce drama in everyday lives.
August 04, 2018
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Muntean’s movie is geared towards painting the titular character as a standoffish brat driven only by self-interest. . . . In his grand scheme to demonize the protagonist, Muntean includes a smattering of gratuitous nudity. It speaks volumes about his perception of teenagers and their smartphones.
August 24, 2018
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Whatever one thinks of Muntean’s attempt to psychologically define a character he by all indication disdains, the answers he comes up with are distinctly underwhelming.
August 15, 2018
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What are people saying?

  • Kevin's rating of the film Alice T.

    EU… EU… EU!!! Romania used to make few films, most about a miserable dictator. Enter EU, and see a world teeming with progress. Through Agnes Varda eyes, this film fills the screen with a society of ideas, universal teen angst, just look at the cell scene, and a fantastic difference, the teen acts independently and lives. An internet pill abortion and works. Sher still suffers, just like every teen over anything.

  • Loz Loory's rating of the film Alice T.

    3.5 An excellent portrayal of what its like to be a teenage girl. You are caught in the middle between child & adult, trying to figure out what being a "woman" means. You and your friends are mean to each other, terribly insecure about your decisions and bodies, and experimenting with new-found sexual power. You lash out and hurt your parents, but yearn for love. It's messy and horrible for everyone involved.

  • Dorin Moldoveanu's rating of the film Alice T.

    I still refuse to accept this might be a true-ish story. It seems a cliche about how adopted children act. I am angry with this vilification and I am afraid it will attract even more hate. And I really hope I am wrong. The director made an effort to separate himself from the character's actions as if he is not the one shooting 50 takes of difficult shots. Asked what is the message of the film he refused the question.

  • dionysus67's rating of the film Alice T.

    Starting promisingly as a social realism drama and relying on an intense family fight scene, Muntean's film descends into a conventional teenage angst and fantasy indulgence, admittedly well-handled in the smooth transitions. Yet, the latter are also a limitation as, cinematographically, the shots are devoid fo connotative richness. Thus, the bulk falls on the shoulders of an excellent Andra Guti who absorbs flaws.

  • Gianni Romeo's rating of the film Alice T.

    First movie I see from Muntean... I've found similarities with Mungiu (the use of long - mostly static - takes) and Puiu (the search for realism) plus a personal touch in the use - or rather, the exploitation - of dead times. The portrayal of this young girl is rich, nuanced, authentic (she's aggressive, egotist, liar, but also very fragile). Maybe unpleasant for someone, I personally ended up to sympathize with her.

  • Daniel Lubitsky's rating of the film Alice T.

    This movie is elevated by its actors. The main Actress herself is able to do so much with what she is given, having great performances captured in a single long take very professionally. She brings a sense of an immature person that thinks they are mature very well and portrays the character perfectly. The other actors, the mother especially plays her part in a very realistic and believable way.

  • Ted Eames's rating of the film Alice T.

    It is quite telling that both direction and screenplay are by men. Alice is given some vitality by the actor who plays her, but she is also a brattish monster who casually terminates her pregnancy whilst conning the adults in her world. If anything this film points to the distance between teenagers and adults, save only for an uneasy mother-daughter relationship based on the mother's own fertility angst.

  • Deb's rating of the film Alice T.

    The characterization, Actress, Scenarios are beautiful. The relationships between Alice and her mother is really adorable. Some characters seemed irrelevant. I think, the end has become just arbitrary !

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