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  1. MONSIEURDE's rating of the film Alice's House

  2. Keira's rating of the film Alice's House

    Wonderfully casted with marvelous performances. The cinematography was brilliant but understated. I so quickly became invested in the characters that my only complaint is that it ended too soon.

  3. msmichel's rating of the film Alice's House

    Powerful performance by Carla Ribas anchors this film about a woman with three grown sons and a philandering husband who suddenly decides to reignite some passion with a childhood sweetheart. All the supporting characters are obviously going through issues yet outside Alice we never get to the heart of their issues. First ficition film from Teixeira is a film worth seeking out for fans of south american cinema.

  4. ted13's rating of the film Alice's House

    Chico Texeira shows how seamless the transition from documentaries to fiction story telling should be.

  5. Rafael Zen's rating of the film Alice's House

    This is actors direction taken further. They don't say the lines - they live them. Brazil cinema taken seriously - like they just know they are the characters, man. Spooky.

  6. Yves-Pascal Alejandro Irving's rating of the film Alice's House

    Excellent film. It shows how life is for some people. Movies are not always full of bliss. Very entertaining.

  7. Mataperros's rating of the film Alice's House

    Wonderful portrait of a family, the husband cheats , big brother tries to take revenge on the others-like almost every body-,a teen boy who is trying to learn from the people that surrounds him, not to a perfect model but he hasn't choice, the middle brother stealing in his own parents, everyone are in a selfish role, the only one that sees at all- the grandmotther, unable to do anything finds a better home out of it