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  1. Photo of Ridley Scott

    Ridley Scott Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Michael Green

    Michael Green Screenplay

  3. Photo of John Logan

    John Logan Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jack Paglen

    Jack Paglen Screenplay

  5. Photo of Dan O'Bannon

    Dan O'Bannon Screenplay

  6. Photo of Ronald Shusett

    Ronald Shusett Screenplay

  7. Photo of Michael Fassbender

    Michael Fassbender Cast

  8. Photo of Billy Crudup

    Billy Crudup Cast

  9. Photo of Katherine Waterston

    Katherine Waterston Cast

  10. Photo of Danny McBride

    Danny McBride Cast

  11. Photo of Demián Bichir

    Demián Bichir Cast

  12. Photo of Amy Seimetz

    Amy Seimetz Cast

  13. Photo of Guy Pearce

    Guy Pearce Cast

  14. Photo of James Franco

    James Franco Cast

  15. Photo of Dariusz Wolski

    Dariusz Wolski Cinematography

  16. Photo of Chris Seagers

    Chris Seagers Production Design

  17. Photo of David Giler

    David Giler Producer

  18. Photo of Walter Hill

    Walter Hill Producer

  19. Photo of Michael Schaefer

    Michael Schaefer Producer

  20. Photo of Mark Huffam

    Mark Huffam Producer

  21. Photo of Pietro Scalia

    Pietro Scalia Editing

  22. Photo of Janty Yates

    Janty Yates Costume Design