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  1. Dogukan4Ever's rating of the film Alien

  2. Obsessive Cinema Disorder (OCD)'s rating of the film Alien

    Ridlley Scott is a world-class master in the science of art and editing. Here he creates an atmosphere by fear and pace of an unseen and unknown evil. He sends us to a forbidden place for humans alone and adapts the most unpleasent creature for the crew which at some time knows it's expendable and the most important thing is bringing back alien life-form. But, it's not overall greatness.

  3. Travis James's rating of the film Alien

    Masterpiece, but can be a bit slow paced

  4. DanOffen's rating of the film Alien

    Easily in the top 5 si-fi films ever made. Stunning.

  5. Gonçalo Rosas's rating of the film Alien

    8 - The retrofuturistic aesthetic Scott employed hasn't aged a day, though the same can't be said for some of the effects' finer details (the rubber facehugger being wiggled, the well-lit alien suit, the android head jump cut, etc...). Minor issues aside (and they most definitely are minor, in face of the film's astonishing organic props), this is still one of the scariest horror films ever made, and one of the best.

  6. Jason Av's rating of the film Alien

  7. AdrianM.'s rating of the film Alien

  8. konijns's rating of the film Alien

    classic franchise but did not age well. very slow by contemporary standards

  9. Kamran's rating of the film Alien

    Its materiality gives it a greater sense of reality, primarily to one's sense of touch. The alien and the spacecraft have flesh. 80/100

  10. M. Tyler's rating of the film Alien

    awesome, watched this on the plane and jumped out of my seat a couple times.. H.R. Giger made some crazy shit

  11. Zac Weber's rating of the film Alien

    A master study in cinematic space and atmosphere. The suspense and ominous feeling of anticipating the encounter build throughout the entire film. Jerry Goldsmith's score is enthralling, and the heart-beat-like thumping is inescapable. Science fiction horror doesn't get any better than this.

  12. Xhi's rating of the film Alien

    Some really astonishing scenes, but a lot of potential was thrown away by Scott. More focus on the corporate background of the whole mission, the details of its aim, would've made this a much more engaging experience for the viewer. Besides that, the creature doesn't seem as frightening and biologically obscene as other imaginations in film history of what an extraterrestrial lifeform would look and behave like.

  13. Ogtoma's rating of the film Alien

    The cinematography and the design was very very good. It remind me of blade runner color palette. But everything else were nah. When I first saw this film when I was 10, it was hauting , disgusting and now it's just normal. I don't feel any creepy. But the architect of alien ship was very-very-very stunning.

  14. redivivus's rating of the film Alien

    along with BR, this is swan song of scott's career. masterpiece of narrow and dark passages. and a cat named churchill.

  15. Barkın Bulutbeyaz's rating of the film Alien

  16. Johnny Mislow's rating of the film Alien

  17. Murat Erdem's rating of the film Alien

    Bilimkurgunun köşe taşlarından.

  18. Michael Harbour's rating of the film Alien

    While ALIEN is, at a basic level, an updating of THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD, Ridley Scott got so much right in making ALIEN that it became the apex movie about an apex predator.

  19. Catarina Fernandes's rating of the film Alien

  20. Tiagojeff's rating of the film Alien

    Expected a bit more of this all-time classic, but the android scene was pretty neat. Real neat soundtrack as well.

  21. Daniel Johansson's rating of the film Alien

    The beginning. The monster. In my dreams since I was a child. And then, The Monster became beautiful. "A perfect organism." Looking close at Giger's Alien paintings. As with his Biomechanoids, the Alien is at close look is filled with tubes. With what Giger would called biomechanics. Is the Monster part machine? If so, who built it.? Or is it a suit?

  22. RenegadeNorman's rating of the film Alien

  23. Mtume Gant's rating of the film Alien

    Easily Scott's defining work and best film. Really holds up

  24. João Gou's rating of the film Alien