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  1. Photo of Dan O'Bannon

    Dan O'Bannon Screenplay

  2. Photo of Ronald Shusett

    Ronald Shusett Screenplay

  3. Photo of James Cameron

    James Cameron Story, Director Screenplay

  4. Photo of Walter Hill

    Walter Hill Story and Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Sigourney Weaver

    Sigourney Weaver Cast

  6. Photo of Carrie Henn

    Carrie Henn Cast

  7. Photo of Michael Biehn

    Michael Biehn Cast

  8. Photo of Bill Paxton

    Bill Paxton Cast

  9. Photo of Lance Henriksen

    Lance Henriksen Cast

  10. Photo of Jenette Goldstein

    Jenette Goldstein Cast

  11. Photo of Paul Reiser

    Paul Reiser Cast

  12. Photo of William Hope

    William Hope Cast

  13. Photo of Al Matthews

    Al Matthews Cast

  14. Photo of Ricco Ross

    Ricco Ross Cast

  15. Photo of Colette Hiller

    Colette Hiller Cast

  16. Photo of Daniel Kash

    Daniel Kash Cast

  17. Photo of Cynthia Scott

    Cynthia Scott Cast

  18. Photo of Tip Tipping

    Tip Tipping Cast

  19. Photo of Trevor Steedman

    Trevor Steedman Cast

  20. Photo of Paul Maxwell

    Paul Maxwell Cast

  21. Photo of Valerie Colgan

    Valerie Colgan Cast

  22. Photo of Alibe Parsons

    Alibe Parsons Cast

  23. Photo of Blain Fairman

    Blain Fairman Cast

  24. Photo of Alan Polonsky

    Alan Polonsky Cast

  25. Photo of Barbara Coles

    Barbara Coles Cast

  26. Photo of Carl Toop

    Carl Toop Cast

  27. Photo of John Lees

    John Lees Cast

  28. Photo of Adrian Biddle

    Adrian Biddle Cinematography

  29. Photo of James Horner

    James Horner Music

  30. Photo of Peter Lamont

    Peter Lamont Production Design

  31. Photo of Gale Anne Hurd

    Gale Anne Hurd Producer

  32. Photo of Gordon Carroll

    Gordon Carroll Executive Producer

  33. Photo of David Giler

    David Giler Executive Producer and Story

  34. Photo of Ray Lovejoy

    Ray Lovejoy Editing

  35. Photo of Roy Charman

    Roy Charman Sound

  36. Photo of Graham V. Hartstone

    Graham V. Hartstone Sound

  37. Photo of Nicolas Le Messurier

    Nicolas Le Messurier Sound

  38. Photo of Don Sharpe

    Don Sharpe Sound

  39. Photo of Archie Ludski

    Archie Ludski Sound

  40. Photo of Peter Horrocks

    Peter Horrocks Sound

  41. Photo of Alan Paley

    Alan Paley Sound

  42. Photo of Jack T. Knight

    Jack T. Knight Sound

  43. Photo of Dev Goodman

    Dev Goodman Sound

  44. Photo of Emma Porteous

    Emma Porteous Costume Design

  45. Photo of H.R. Giger

    H.R. Giger Art Department

  46. Photo of John Richardson

    John Richardson Special Effects

  47. Photo of Norman Baillie

    Norman Baillie Special Effects

  48. Photo of Stan Winston

    Stan Winston Special Effects

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